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What options do I have when becoming a hybrid teacher?

[Translate to English:] Fotograaf: Bram Saeys
[Translate to English:] Fotograaf: Bram Saeys

Hybrid teachers have the opportunity to combine their job in the industry with a teaching job. This way, they get to share their knowledge, experience and practical skills with pupils and students. And simultaneously increase the educational capacity.

Teaching within Brainport Eindhoven

By becoming a hybrid teacher, you have the opportunity to pass your knowledge and experience gained in the industry on to the students. Increasing the quality of education, since students are being prepared for their future based on proper examples. Are you interested in combining your job in the industry with a teaching job? Then you should know that there are several ways to work as a hybrid teacher:

  • Teaching regular guest lectures
    You will periodically teach a group of students who are interested in learning more about your field of expertise. You will spent 4 to 8 hours a week teaching students. The rest of the working week you can focus on your regular job.

  • Joint teaching of a learning module
    You will be teaching an entire learning module jointly with other (hybrid) teachers. This means that you will regularly teach classes over a short period next to your regular job.

  • Combining a job in the industry with a teaching job
    You will work both part-time as a teacher and part-time in the industry. You are actually combining two jobs (two salaries).

  • Joint learning environment (industry-school) 
    Together with a school, you will create a learning environment within your current position and allow students to gain theoretical and practical skills under your supervision.

Hybrid tech teachers

When working as a hybrid tech teacher, you are combining your job in the industry with a job as a teacher. There are various ways to work as a hybrid tech teacher. It will often take about 4 to 8 hours a week. When allowing employees in your company to work as a hybrid tech teacher, you give them the opportunity to accept a new challenge and to gain experience in the field of education. This way, your company is directly contributing to the improvement of education in the region.

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Would you like to participate as a hybrid teacher or are you curious about the possibilities?

Please contact Mieke Zijlstra.



Mieke Zijlstra

Projectleader Internationalization Education & pilot Hybrid Teaching