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A healthy and vital region

Welcome to the vitality platform of Brainport Eindhoven

The most vital region of the Netherlands, Europe or even the whole world. That is what Brainport Eindhoven has in mind. Just like the smartest region, we also want to become the most vital region.

How vital are you? And how vital do you want to be? This platform was developed together with the premium partners of PSV. Packed with tips, articles, videos and challenges. The knowledge we have gathered together and worldwide, makes us strong to give you as an individual that push. Because vitality starts with you, but we will do this together. You’ll quickly notice the difference. Are you in?

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Inspirational articles

Sleep advice from Center for Sleep Kempenhaeghe

So-called "sleep hygiene advice" is useful for everyone and can be a first step toward better sleep in cases of insomnia. These are relatively simple pieces of advice that will have an initial effect if applied consistently.

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Sleep-wake diary

What is a sleep-wake diary? Keeping a sleep-wake diary helps you gain insight into your sleep problems. You write down seven days in a row when and how long you slept. You also write down anything that may have affected your sleep. This will often reveal

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The importance of sleeping well

Did you sleep well last week? Do you remember when was the last time you woke up fresh and refreshed, without an alarm clock or without wanting to go straight to coffee? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," you're not the only one.

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How financially fit are you? Dealing with financial stress

Are you worried about money or wondering how a change in your life affects your financial health? And are these questions stressing you out? Then it's time to take action! Money worries can happen to anyone and you are not alone.

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Healthy eating routine: in small steps to big changes

Healthy eating is the basis for feeling fit and comfortable in your skin. Yet it sometimes proves difficult to incorporate healthy eating habits into your daily routine. Rest assured: it is easier than you think. A few handy tips will get you started

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Tips for a good warming-up

A warming-up, is it really necessary? Isn't it better to save your energy to give it your all in training or competition? 'No, definitely not,' says medical expert and sports doctor Mirjam Steunebrink. 'Just do that warm-up, because you're doing your body

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In this Brainport region we make and organize a lot of great things together and we will continue to do so. Crucial then is to be and stay vital. That is logical, of course, but not always easy or self-evident. It's not only a very broad domain, but where do you actually start? And on top of that; when do you do well in a world with millions of experts and theories.

With the help of a clear vitality model, divided over different themes and building blocks, we are going to help you develop your more vital self. 

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Foundation and building blocks of the vitality model

Vitality pillars

On this platform you will be stimulated to take a critical look at your own foundation and building blocks and with the given information you can adjust and/or sharpen them if necessary. When those foundations and building blocks are in balance, you can use your energy well, feel good about yourself and get to work! What do you want to work on? 


Train and think like an elite athlete

PSV Brainport exercise game

Who is PSV's all-time top scorer? And why do you do a warm-up before playing sports? Test your football and vitality knowledge and get moving with the PSV Brainport exercise game.

Form as strong a team as possible with your friends, family, classmates or colleagues and take on Mario Götze, Nick Viergever and other PSV players. Are you up to the challenge?


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