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A healthy and vital region

Welcome to the vitality platform of Brainport Eindhoven

The most vital region of the Netherlands, Europe or even the whole world. That is what Brainport Eindhoven has in mind. Just like the smartest region, we also want to become the most vital region.

How vital are you? And how vital do you want to be? This platform was developed together with the premium partners of PSV. Packed with tips, articles, videos and challenges. The knowledge we have gathered together and worldwide, makes us strong to give you as an individual that push. Because vitality starts with you, but we will do this together. You’ll quickly notice the difference. Are you in?

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Latest articles 

On your bike to work? This is how you do it!

Could you use a little help to leave your car at home more often and cycle to work? Set up your own cycling plan and enjoy the fresh wind blowing through your hair and the birds singing around you every morning.

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Meditation, give it a chance.

Meditation is becoming more and more popular in our society, it would be the key to a mindful life. Think of it as tidying your room, nice comparison is "a tidy house, gives a tidy head".

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Do you want to start running?

Running is a simple, low-threshold way of moving that almost anyone can do and takes relatively little time. Learn how to start.

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Connecting at a distance

Now that we have to keep as much distance from each other as possible, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. You can do so in all kinds of fun, creative ways.

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Give yourself a positive energy boost

Do you think in terms of problems or solutions? Lifestyle coach Frank Rutten challenges you to look specifically at the possibilities and shows you how to do that easily.

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Food that contributes to healthy ageing

As a sports doctor specialising in lifestyle, Hans van Kuijk knows exactly how important healthy nutrition is. It not only makes you feel good, it also keeps you healthy.

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In this Brainport region we make and organize a lot of great things together and we will continue to do so. Crucial then is to be and stay vital. That is logical, of course, but not always easy or self-evident. It's not only a very broad domain, but where do you actually start? And on top of that; when do you do well in a world with millions of experts and theories.

With the help of a clear vitality model, divided over different themes and building blocks, we are going to help you develop your more vital self. 

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Foundation and building blocks of the vitality model

Vitality pillars

On this platform you will be stimulated to take a critical look at your own foundation and building blocks and with the given information you can adjust and/or sharpen them if necessary. When those foundations and building blocks are in balance, you can use your energy well, feel good about yourself and get to work! What do you want to work on? 


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