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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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In Brainport Eindhoven, we work together in all kinds of areas. Below are the communities you can join. Through these communities you will stay informed about what is going on, the latest developments and you will be invited to relevant meetings.

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Community Brainport for each other

Brainport for each other
Brainport for each other wants to combine the forces of Civil Society Organisations, Governments, Education and Businesses with the aim that everyone participates in our society, regardless of origin or level of education.
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Communities Entrepreneurship

Brainport Development
Brainport Development's channel on all kinds of topics for companies. Follow all developments in the high-tech ecosystem here.
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Cyber Resilience Centre Brainport
The Cyber Resilience Centre Brainport foundation offers companies in the high-tech and manufacturing industry a unique opportunity to better arm themselves against cybercrime.
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The Gate for Tech Startups in Brainport
The Gate is the platform where tech startups can go in the first phase of their existence to get off to a flying start; the check-in for information and advice, both physical and digital.
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Communities for Innovation

Additive Manufacturing in Brainport Eindhoven
Brainport Eindhoven's Additive Manufacturing Hub offers a unique concentration of suppliers, expertise and technologies in additive manufacturing (also called 3d printing).
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AI-Hub Brainport
The AI Hub Brainport consists of and is open to all companies, educational and knowledge institutions and public organisations in the province of Brabant that aim to develop, strengthen and connect initiatives with a focus on the development of AI and its application in fields such as High-Tech Industry, Mobility and MedTech.
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Battery Competence Cluster - NL
The Battery Competence Cluster - NL is the programme where companies, knowledge institutions and organisations join forces to build up knowledge and competences in the field of battery technology.
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Brainport Green & Smart Mobility
The need for sustainable, emission-free, smart and safe technological mobility solutions is great. This requires not only smart technological solutions, but a transition of an entire infrastructure and industry. Join the Brainport Green & Smart Mobility ecosystem.
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Energy in Brainport
Companies, knowledge institutions and governments in Brainport Eindhoven are working together on the energy transition by focusing on the topics: Grid congestion in Brainport, Battery technology and applications, Hydrogen transition, CO2-neutral industry and scaling up existing energy innovations and products.
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Medtech Hub Brainport
In Brainport Eindhoven, we work together to harness technological innovations to get and stay healthy through medical technology.
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Next Tech Food Factories
In Next Tech Food Factories, food processing companies, high-tech suppliers and machine builders work together to develop, test and implement robotisation, artificial intelligence and other smart technologies in food processing.
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Systems Engineering
Companies, educational and knowledge institutions in Brainport Eindhoven are joining forces to define competences unambiguously and ensure that Systems Engineering becomes a continuous part of the learning process of students and employees.
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Communities for Education & Labour Market

Education in Brainport
In the Brainport region, we do everything possible to give pupils and students, our future pioneers, all the opportunities they deserve. From Brainport Development, we support education professionals in the region on the core themes of technology and internationalisation. We also connect Education and Business.
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Labour market in Brainport
Finding and retaining talent is one of the Brainport region's biggest challenges in a tight labour market. On top of that, technological developments mean that jobs and work processes are constantly changing. This requires a different outlook and approach.

International Talent
Brainport's international talent programme helps entrepreneurs who want to work with international knowledge workers. From knowledge in recruitment, selection and onboarding to online visibility abroad.

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