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Homes of Pioneers with Olivier Boscagli

This is where I landed in a whole new world

He grew up among yachts, stars and bolides. Left the life on the Mediterranean Sea without question to take his chance at PSV. In Eindhoven, Olivier Boscagli became attached to the Brabant tranquility in which he is meanwhile working hard on his comeback.

The Person

How is your Dutch?
"The funny thing is that I've actually progressed a lot here in speaking English, because everyone speaks it here. Before Corona I took Dutch lessons, but then that stopped. I can understand it, but speaking it is still difficult sometimes."

Do you like having French-speaking players like Ibrahim Sangaré in the team?
"We hang out together a lot, but he's not the only one who speaks French. Jordan Teze can also understand it. Sometimes I can't express my feelings in a language other than French, so then it's nice to have them there."

"Except when I'm mad at the referee, then I speak French right so he doesn't understand me!"

Do you usually speak English on the field or would you prefer speaking French?
"That depends on who I speak to. With Ibrahim Sangaré and Jordan Teze I speak French, but with most, of course, it goes in English. Except when I'm mad at the referee, then I speak French precisely so he doesn't understand me, haha!"

How is your little son doing?
"He is now in the age where he is making huge leaps in his development. I see him grow every day and I enjoy that immensely. Often when I'm free we take him to a playground. Spending time with him and my wife is what I enjoy most."

After he is put to bed, what do you enjoy doing?
I love series and movies immensely. Right now I'm watching Ozark on Netflix. That series is quite long so I've been watching it for a while. My favorite movie is Cool Runnings, about a Jamaican bobsled team at the Winter Olympics. 


The Footballer

Why did you choose PSV at the time?
"I already had a couple of French offers when PSV came. It wasn't a difficult choice. It's not like I saw PSV play often, but everyone in France knows the club and its history. Here I could step outside my comfort zone, that new environment has been very good for my career."

What is the difference between OGC Nice and PSV?
"There is a unique energy in the stadium here. It sounds like a cliché, but even against the small clubs it's practically full. That is different in France. In the sports rehabilitation center where I am every day, I regularly meet fans. They really love PSV, they care."

"I long to be able to play soccer again in the middle of a swirling stadium."

What are you most proud of?
"The awards I've won here! Twice the Johan Cruijff Schaal and once the KNVB Cup. Of course I wasn't on the pitch during the last two finals because of my injury, but that really doesn't matter to me. I did my bit, that's what matters."

Speaking of which, how is your recovery going?
"Unfortunately, I won't be back in action this year. I've set my sights on next year. Recently I started training individually again. I'm making steps in the right direction, but also still have a long way to go."

It's asking the obvious, but what are you most looking forward to?
"I long to be able to play soccer again in the middle of a swirling stadium. To really be part of the team again. There is nothing I yearn for more."

The Region

What was it like to trade Monaco for Eindhoven?
"It's sometimes like living in two different worlds. There I saw the most expensive cars, the biggest boats and the most beautiful buildings every day. Everything there has to be special and just a little bit extra. Here, me and my wife enjoy life in quiet, green surroundings."

Is there any difference between the people?
"I experience Eindhoveners as open, quiet people. I notice here that fans approach you with a lot more respect. If they’d like to take a picture with you, they ask nicely.”

"It's not that I saw PSV play often, but everyone in France knows the club and its history."

Do you go out regularly to explore the region?
"Yes indeed, we have already seen much of the Netherlands. France is big and the landscape rough. You don't just grab a car to go to the other side of the country. Here everything is passable and close by. So you can even get everywhere by bike."

What do you show friends and family who come to visit?
"I often deliberately invite them around a game, so they can see where I play soccer and experience the atmosphere in the Philips Stadium for themselves. Then I take them to a French restaurant on Kleine Berg. That's where I like to come, of course"

Do you sometimes miss Monaco?
"Sometimes I do! Especially the warm breeze from the Mediterranean and the beautiful weather. Here I still sometimes struggle with the cold temperatures. I also miss a bakery where I can get delicious French baguette every morning!"