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Homes of Pioneers with Jordan Teze

I have been defending the club colors for almost two decades

It is already his 17th year at PSV where, as a young lad, he always looked up to the players from the A-selection. For him, it was an extra motivator to eventually go through the entire youth academy. Now Jordan Teze himself plays weekly at the Philips Stadium where he is a regular fixture in defense.

The Person

Does it sometimes still feel unreal to be here?
"You can say that. That's why I don't think about it too much, because it feels very crazy. For years I looked up to the boys from the A-selection. To be among them myself now is very special."

Do you also notice that people look up to you like that now?
"Especially with young children, they recognize you everywhere. I find that very special, because not so long ago I was like that myself. I can well imagine how they feel, because I have been in the same shoes."

"For years I looked up to the guys from the A squad. To be among them myself now is very special."

What do you do when you're not working on soccer?
"I prefer watching a movie or series all night. I do have a specific taste. Everyone watches Game of Thrones, for example; I'm not really drawn to that. I'm more of anything set in modern times. And I also like reality series like Love Island."

Where do you prefer to vacation?
"I love islands. Last summer I went to the Greek island of Mykonos with my girlfriend. It's a beautiful island though, but I wouldn't go back. It could be just a little bit more tropical for me."

Do you have a pet?
"Definitely not haha! My girlfriend wants a dog, but I'm not much of an animal lover. Also, especially don't start talking about insects, because that really gives me the creeps. Last summer it was crawling with wasps, that was really terrible."

The Footballer

Why did you choose PSV at the time
"The people around me had a very good feeling about PSV. The talks had gone well and they wanted me very much. PSV was also willing to help my family. The person who scouted me also always brought me to training. I still have a good relationship with him."

What are you most proud of?
"That I've been around here for 16 years and am one of the few who made it. In youth you play with so many guys and everyone knows that only two or three are going to make it. That I'm one of them, I think is very special."

"There were guys who were very technically gifted but ended up dropping out."

Did you know you were one of the better ones?
"You need a lot of confidence if you want to make it and I had that. But you have to be able to do more than play very good soccer. There were guys who were very technically gifted but ended up dropping out."

Which tenue is your favorite?
"I like the third tenue the best. The color blue really appeals to me, it feels good to wear it. I also do think it's important that a shirt is nice. Not that it makes me play better, but it makes me feel that little bit better."

Which of the boys do you allow to play the music in the locker room?
"Noni Madueke and Joël Drommel. Although I don't know if I would let them play at my own party. Maybe Joel would, who does have really good lists of Dutch hip-hop. I like that."

The Region

What is the difference between Eindhoven and Groningen?
"I don't remember much about Groningen, because I moved to Roosendaal when I was young. Eindhoven is a lot bigger than Roosendaal and a lot more expats live there. Other than that, people do look alike, real Brabanters."

Do you ever speak to your neighbors?
"It's not like we visit each other, but I do talk to them regularly in the elevator or in the hallway. I can always knock on their door if I need something, they are friendly people."

"I hate to say it, but unfortunately she ultimately decides what we will do."

Do you prefer to live inside or outside the city?
"I love the city, but don't need to live in the middle of the hustle and bustle. So the ideal location for me is somewhere on the outskirts. Then you are quickly everywhere, but you can also catch your peace and quiet."

Would you prefer a penthouse or a villa?
"Then I would go for a penthouse. I think with a villa you spend a lot of time maintaining things. And you have more trouble with insects like ants and wasps there. Then I'd rather be high up in the clouds!"

What do you prefer to do in the city?
"My girlfriend likes to go out for a bite to eat with me, but I'm more of a homebody. I like to be at home after workouts and then I prefer to watch a series or movie. I hate to say it, but unfortunately she ultimately decides what we do. Although of course eating out in Eindhoven is not a punishment."