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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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How can I get corporate funding or an investment grant?

Your eligibility for corporate funding or a corporate loan will depend on many factors, such as timing, the amount needed, type of funding you prefer and the risk profile of your company.

Common mistakes when seeking funding

Some 80% of the startups and other entrepreneurs try to seek funding at the wrong time and at the wrong place. If you do not succeed in finding investors, that’s probably due to the fact that you don’t know which funding options are available and/or you failed to effectively pitch your business idea to possible investors. Maybe because you have not adequately worked out your market demand in detail yet or because you are requesting funding before you have established a proper team. All reasons for investors to decide against funding your business. Simply because the risks are (still) too high.

Funding options

There is an array of funding options available. The level and type of funding you seek and the timing determine your best funding option. Friends and family are often willing to invest in your startup. However, it also makes sense to make use of (semi) public funding instruments during (or just before) the start-up phase of your company, such as subsidies and public funding or other special arrangements. Once your company is growing, you need more capital. You might consider crowdfunding for instance. The lower the business risk, the more willing banks are to grant you a corporate loan.  

The funding landscape within Brainport is notable for the constructive partnerships between the various finance companies, both within and outside the region. They know where to find each other, quickly helping you find the appropriate investor for your company. 

The first step towards appropriate funding

On the website of the MKB-financieringsgids (funding guide for MSEs – Dutch only) you will find  an explanation of the capital market in the Netherlands. The website also contains a list of all funding options. After answering a view questions, you will get an overview of the best possible funding options for your business. Of course, it is always wise to consult a financial advisor to determine the most appropriate funding option. You can contact the independent business developers of Brainport Development. They will answer all your questions regarding corporate funding.

There are many initiatives and organisations you can reach out to for funding:

MKB Financieringsgids

In just a few steps, the SME financieringsgids (finance guide) gives you an overview of financing solutions in your immediate vicinity. There are more than you would think.


The common goal of the province of Brabant is to make you, as a Brabant startup successful. Braventure brings all parties in the Brabant startup ecosystem together. Furthermore, Braventure is the entry point for the Brabant Startup Fund, the early stage investment fund of the province.

Metropoolregio Eindhoven

The Eindhoven Metropolitan Area offers early-stage financing for innovative entrepreneurs in Southeast Brabant.

BOM Brabant Ventures

BOM invests in scalable start- and scale ups with growth potential and a strong link with Noord-Brabant. They focus on companies that are active in the top sectors of Brabant.

Kredietunie Brabant

Kredietunie Brabant brings lenders and entrepreneurs with a need for credit together within a cooperative. Successful entrepreneurs make resources, contacts, knowledge and experience available to help fellow entrepreneurs in their own region. The private network makes lending personal and familiar.

RVO Innovatiekrediet

The RVO Innovatiekrediet is reached out for the development of promising and challenging innovations with an excellent market perspective.

RVO borgstelling MKB kredieten

With the 'borgstellingskrediet'(BMKB), the Ministry of Economic Affairs partly guarantees companies that want to take out a loan, but are unable to provide the bank with sufficient security (by means of collateral, such as buildings and machines).

RVO Vroegefasefinanciering

With a loan from the Early Phase Financing of RVO, start-ups and SMEs can investigate whether their idea has a chance of success on the market. The Early Phase Financing aims to ensure that an idea from the planning phase enters the start-up phase.

Venture Capital Desk

The Venture Capital Desk is an independent partnership of financial partners who have joined forces to increase access to finance. The VC desk offers innovative Brabant companies with growth potential an accessible way to find out more about the financing of their business.

Brainport Meet-up

Possibility to pitch for a 10-15 CEO's of renowned Brainport companies. Based on three requests for help, you can recieve an offer based on your own expertise.

Eindhoven Corporate Finance Group

ECFG supports innovative companies in business development with financing, by using Innovation Credit, (alternative) financing, banking or risk capital.

I am glad to help you make the right choice for your company. Call and receive advice on which funding suits you best.



Piet van der Wielen

Program Director Business | Brainport Development