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Learn & Work

Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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Studying in Brainport Eindhoven

Companies, local authorities and educational and knowledge institutes in Brainport Eindhoven are jointly developing tomorrow’s products. By studying here, you can contribute to a better society in respect of energy, health, food and mobility. The region offers endless opportunity to help you find your dream job. Even whilst studying.

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Meet the students from Brainport Eindhoven

Vita Broeken (TU/e)

"You notice that there’s also a lot of interest in students from the region. As a student, you can make, ask and do anything. That's just fun."

Lourens Touwen (TU/e)

"What I like about Eindhoven is that you notice that there is an upward trend. More happens every year. Enthusiasm in the region and attention for the region is growing. I’m very curious about what Eindhoven will look like in five years."

Julie van der Hijde (TU/e)

"Brainport Eindhoven is the region of innovation in the Netherlands. So many cool technologies come from here. Everyone also tries to work for a better future and that makes this region very special."

Mark Wijnands (TU/e)

"The concept is so well known in Eindhoven that it is very easy here."

Ben Esseling (TU/e)

"You can connect with all kinds of interesting people here, but always in an informal way, which I think is one of the best aspects"

Brigitte van der Lugt (TU/e)

"If you want to do something, there are always people who want to help you achieve your goal. I also feel that anything is possible here."

Eline Sijbesma

"In the beginning, researching in a lab didn't seem like anything to me, but in the end, I've been in the lab for 7 or 8 years now."

Gilles Bonné (TU/e)

"There is also a lot of connection between the university and industry, so your study projects and research groups are closer to the actual applications"

Robin van Hoorn (TU/e)

"A lot is going to happen in the field of innovation in AI in the coming years, and I want to be as prepared as possible for that."

Tim de Jong (TU/e)

"I have learned how beautiful working together can be. It's something to enjoy."

Johannes Fieber (TU/e)

"Brainport Eindhoven has a great start-up climate, so I would like to stay here."

Sofie Scheij (TU/e)

"We are the generation that can solve something with our technology and innovation."

Salma Abdelsamie (TU/e)

"I have found my ways to engage in astrophysics and aerospace engineering."

Luuk Roozen (TU/e)

"Do everything at your own pace!"

Mariia Turchina (TU/e)

"The possibilities of exploration here have helped me to figure out what I can and want to do."

Kjell Revenberg (TU/e)

"Now that I'm sitting here, I can see how much I've developed and how much I've learned."

Victor Brouwers (TU/e)

"What I particularly like about the region is that if you want to pursue your passion, be it within or outside of your studies, there really are a lot of possibilities."

Laura van Erp (TU/e)

“I would like to start my own company. I also think a scale-up or start-up fits in very well with that. That I can make my own decisions. I like that freedom.”

Tycho Smokers (TU/e)

"I also think it is important to contribute something useful to society. I would like to help make a sustainable future possible."

Tianyi Chen (TU/e)

"I think it is more important to discuss how we deal with technology, how people are affected by it."

Yvonne van Mil (TU/e)

"In a student team, you are also setting up a small start-up, as it were."

Rainier Heijne (TU/e)

"You can roll right into the business world here, because you've actually been in contact with the business world a lot. I think that is unique."

Jop Hendrikx (TU/e)

"I have a very broad orientation and in 6 VWO I found it very difficult to make a choice. That is why I finally decided to choose the broadest WO study: applied physics."

Aabharan Hemanth (TU/e)

"Brainport Eindhoven is all about continuous innovation."

Yana Onushkina (TU/e)

"I don't find anywhere else what I find here. It is hard to leave here, because everything is here."

Stijn van Deudekom (TU/e)

"The link from your studies to your career is guided quite well. If you want, you could get to know a lot of companies during your studies."

Atharva Kale (TU/e)

"Even though India is a heavy tech industry, it’s not as innovative as Brainport Eindhoven is. Here we are so focused on the next step."

Bente Somsen (TU/e)

"I am very glad that I have chosen Brainport. Everyone who comes here to study will find their place. I have never seen anyone who is a bit out of place here."

Luc Siecker (TU/e)

"I have learned more in this time with the team than I did in school, in terms of social skills and practical experience."

Rik Schutte (TU/e)

"I always wanted to participate in projects that put something good in place. That's how I ended up with the student teams. Those are more hands-on and that seemed like a really cool thing to do."

Prasanjan Chattopadhyay (TU/e)

"I want to work in the industries in the Brainport region later on. I also have the right study and the necessary skills to get started here. I have been living here for a while and feel very much at home."

Daniel Riechmann Mendez (TU/e)

“It’s wanting to have a positive impact on the world. It’s cliche, but it’s wanting to do so now. In this regard, I think I can also speak for all my team members.”

Sanne ten Damme (TU/e)

"I'd really like to explore, to be able to come up with something new and add to it. I'd like to be able to say later on, "Look, I thought of this. I made this."

Luuk Baltissen (TU/e)

"When I'm on my deathbed, I want to be able to say I've contributed something to the world."

Khashayar Mansourizadeh (TU/e)

“Brainport Eindhoven is a great place to pursue your own passion."

Katja van Weert (TU/e)

"The collaboration with all the companies here is really special. There's really a lot of collaboration with technology companies, like Philips. There is a lot of willingness to work together. That's why I find Brainport Eindhoven and the culture that's here really inspiring."

Lotte van Dasler (TU/e)

"If you believe in it and are driven, basically anything is possible."

Britt Meuwissen (Fontys)

"If you want something, you have to go for it. Even if that is a detour or you have to take a step back, whatever: don't let it stop you from doing what you want."

Caleb Kyei (Fontys)

"So if you're motivated, this region will force you from 0 to 100. So check out the possibilities and have fun!"

Jim Berveling (Fontys)

"As an engineer, you’re also a kind of artist. Someone who is constantly inventing new things and developing concepts for the future."

Elmira Drost (Fontys)

"I want to make sure that the Netherlands is in a good and safe state."

Jelle de Haas Fontys

Jelle de Haas (Fontys)

"I will take an extra year to complete my study, but that isn’t a bad thing. In the end, it has made me stronger."

Thomas van der Sterren (Fontys)

"I would think it would be very cool to be able to say, 'This is how it is. This is how it can be. This is how we use it now. This is how we can use it.'"

Bart Verhagen (Fontys)

"Collaborating with international students can create interesting cross-pollinations. You can inspire each other that way."

Meike Wijnhoven (ROC Ter AA)

"I would really like to get students excited about technology. But I don't want to become a teacher just for the sake of it, because then I'm afraid I'll fall behind on the developments within engineering."

Britt Keislair (Summa College)

"You are still young and you can still study. So just go do it. If it doesn't work, you know that. I'm very easy at that, but I would recommend everyone to study what they like. You will always get there."

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