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Sufficient talent for the region

We believe in talent. In all respects, this is the basis of our success. But talent deserves the right attention, optimal facilities and everything it takes to shine. We understand that like no other. That is why we create the most optimal preconditions. From here you can discover, innovate, develop and invent yourself. And that is precisely the strength of this region. Because here we do it differently. All the time. In fact, it is deeply embedded in our DNA. Reinventing ourselves, doing new things. With one goal in mind: to win. But we cannot and do not want to do this alone. Because only together we can go much further. That's why we're looking for you. To your talent, your ambition and your energy. This is how we make a difference together. In this way we come up with the smartest solutions together. With ideas that matter. Simply, in our own way: people-oriented, highly personal and united. In short: unity makes power.


Talent campaigns

Here you will find a selection of the campaigns that we develop from the partnership.

PSV Brainport School Challenge 2022

The companies from the Brainport Eindhoven and PSV partnership have joined forces in a school challenge to introduce children from group 6 and 7 to technology and the world of top sport in a new way.

Techfestival 2021

Discover the 'untold stories' of the pioneers of Brainport Eindhoven.

Documentary series HOME OF ... (2020)

In this series we follow 6 ordinary people from the region. Who are they and what do they think about their work, their lives, the region and the success of Brainport?