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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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Brainport for Each Other is an association of employers from industry, the social field, education and government. They work together to find solutions to social issues in the Brainport region. Based on a sense of responsibility, equality and curiosity about the other. And about how things can be more social. Because we can only remain economically successful if we are also socially strong.

Together We Achieve More

The members of Brainport for Each Other act together as a catalyst or auxiliary engine for what does not happen automatically, helping to scale up successful social projects, ensuring social innovation, and connecting different spheres. By working together in an association, we increase our capacity for realization, and every small effort makes a big difference. Brainport for Each Other serves as a single point of contact, reaching 400,000 employees. And behind them, students, pupils, tenants, people seeking help, residents, and citizens. This way, we make a difference for everyone in the Brainport region.

Join us!

Do you want to work with us towards an even more social region? Then become a member of Brainport for Each Other and join forces with other socially responsible employers.

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Our organization

Brainport for Each Other is an association, with a general board and a daily board.Our board is multi-helix in structure. This means that companies, civil society organisations, educational institutions and governments are represented.

Executive board

Our executive board consists of:

Marc Cootjans, director Rabobank Region Eindhoven

Marc is intended chairman and takes a seat on the board on behalf of the business community. Indeed, Marc believes that being a social employer is more important than ever.

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Yvonne van Mierlo, director regional development company Ergon

Yvonne knows the social field both in Helmond and Eindhoven particularly well and is therefore happy to connect and represent the social sector on the board.

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Ingeborg Janssen Reinen, chairman of the Executive Board ROC Ter AA

As MBO director from Helmond & de Peel, she is happy to put knowledge about her region and education to use for the Social Brainport agenda.

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Janneke van Kessel, city envoy Municipality of Eindhoven

Janneke is administratively responsible for the creation of Brainport for Each Other and realisation of the Social Brainport agenda. Her ambition is to join forces of all municipalities to make even more impact.

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General administration

Our general board consists of the following people:

Chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Municipality of Eindhoven


Civil society organisations

Marc Cootjans, Rabobank

Yvonne van Mierlo, Ergon

Jennifer van der Leegte, VDL

Jolanda Teeuwen, LEV-group

Jeroen Driessen, Driessen group

Marinus Biemans, woCom

Educational institutions


Ingeborg Janssen-Reinen, ROC ter AA

Janneke van Kessel, Municipality of Eindhoven

Joep Houterman, Fontys

Bram Bots, Municipality of Valkenswaard

Hilbert de Vries, SSOE


'Then we will work for each other'

Listen to our club song!

50 years ago, Eindhovense band BOTS released the song '7 days long. The lyrics of the song are about the mentality of the people here and are part of the identity of this region. For Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Mayor of Eindhoven and chairman of the general board of Brainport voor Elkaar, the occasion to perform the famous song at the New Year reception last January.
'Then we will work, for each other'.

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