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IME Medical Electrospinning announces name change to VIVOLTA

New name reflects company’s evolution to full-service ISO 13485 certified MedTech company for nanofiber-based medical devices, tissue engineering and drug delivery solutions.

Written by VIVOLTA

07 September 2021

New name reflects company’s evolution to full-service ISO 13485 certified MedTech company for nanofiber-based medical devices, tissue engineering and drug delivery solutions.

Written by VIVOLTA

07 September 2021

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VIVOLTA, a global leader in nanofiber-based medical devices, today announced that it has changed its corporate name from IME Medical Electrospinning to VIVOLTA.

“Over the past few years, our business has evolved significantly from a High-Tech equipment builder into a MedTech company. Our new name, VIVOLTA, completes this transformation and supports our exciting new vision. We aim to help our customers bring first-in-class electrospun nanofiber-based medical devices, tissue engineering products, and drug delivery solutions to patients, thereby guiding the body to heal itself.” said Judith Heikoop, Chief Executive Officer at VIVOLTA.

“Our company has reached major milestones during the last couple of years, having built a clinical grade facility with a high-end GLP Laboratory and set of cleanrooms, enabling the production of Class I, II and III medical devices. We launched our groundbreaking MediSpin technology platform for the controlled large-scale production of well-defined nanofiber-based products. Recently we obtained ISO 13485 certification and were the proud co-author of the first standard on fiber-based medical scaffolds, published by ASTM International.” Heikoop added.

Over the past nearly fifteen years, the company, a spin-out of Technical University Eindhoven, has grown from an advanced independent equipment manufacturer with global distribution, into a full-service medical solution provider and scientific partner, developing and commercializing game-changing products in the field of medical devices, tissue engineering and drug delivery solutions.

Envisioned solutions and indications

In the new strategy, a special focus will be on Women’s Health, where there is a clear unmet need for nanofiber-based solutions to improve patients’ lives. In collaboration with strong MedTech and Pharma partners, VIVOLTA will bring next generation Women’s Health solutions to the market. The envisioned solutions portfolio will include resorbable, regenerative meshes for breast reconstruction and urogynecology, as well as solutions for controlled drug delivery.

ISO certified production platform and process

VIVOLTA is poised to bring innovative, nanofiber-based products to the global market through its breakthrough technology platform, the MediSpin. This industrial electrospinning production

platform is the first of its kind to offer fully automated, large-scale manufacturing of high-quality nanofiber-based medical products for clinical use. Based on the MediSpin technology platform, production is both consistent, reproducible, and scalable. Importantly, the MediSpin platform, protected by seven patent families, meets the guidelines described in the first ASTM standard for fiber-based medical scaffolds (F3510-21), which VIVOLTA co-authored.

Judith Heikoop concludes: “I am extremely proud of what we have achieved so far, and I am looking forward to serving the fields of nanofiber medical devices, tissue engineering, and drug delivery solutions with our highly motivated team and state-of-the-art MediSpin manufacturing platform.”