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Learn & Work

Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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Connect with the Brainport Eindhoven ecosystem

You are an entrepreneur or work at a company in the Brainport Eindhoven region. Every day you are busy optimising processes, generating even more turnover or growing the company. How can things be done faster, better or cheaper? Did you know that this region is characterised by strong cooperation between companies? You can be part of that!

Brainport Development, the economic development agency of the region, has business developers ready for you. In addition, there are almost 20 communities on various topics from Entrepreneurship and Innovation to Education and Labour Market that you can join. This is how we help you with independent advice, relevant information and a connection to the Brainport network.

What does that cost? Nothing at all, together we help your company and therefore the region grow!

Looking for platform Connect? The project 'Connect' has come to an end and so has this platform. Via our communities and the Brainport Eindhoven website we will connect you to the Brainport ecosystem from now on.

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What would really help you out?

Making a production process more efficient? Financing? Help with innovation? Need a critical view on your new idea? The business developers of Brainport Development are ready for you!

We will connect you to the right person within the network. After filling in the question below, you will receive a response from Brainport Development as soon as possible.

In what area can your business grow?

Indicate it below and we will do everything we can to help you with Connect and our business developers!