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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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Innovation and technology cases

Cases in Brainport Eindhoven

URE: testing and preparing for the race season

A blog by the URE student team.

StartUp Stories Brainport - RIFT

Mark Verhagen, CEO and co-founder of RIFT, is committed to transforming industrial heat decarbonization with Iron Fuel Technology.

StartUp Stories Brainport - Fruitpunch AI

In this episode: Sako Arts, CTO and founder of Fruitpunch

StartUp Stories Brainport - Sara Robotics

In this episode: Maartje Claassen Eradus, general manager of Sara Robotics.

StartUp Stories Brainport - RIFT

Mark Verhagen, CEO and co-founder of RIFT, is committed to transforming industrial heat decarbonization with Iron Fuel Technology.

StartUp Stories Brainport - RIFT

Mark Verhagen, CEO and co-founder of RIFT, is committed to transforming industrial heat decarbonization with Iron Fuel Technology.

StartUp Stories Brainport - Fruitpunch AI

In this episode: Sako Arts, CTO and founder of Fruitpunch

StartUp Stories Brainport - Sara Robotics

In this episode: Maartje Claassen Eradus, general manager of Sara Robotics.

StartUp Stories Brainport - TracXon

In deze aflevering: Ashok Sridhar, CEO van TracXon.

AMPower report 2024: ‘Eindhoven in the Netherlands is home to Brainport, one of the global AM hotspots’

Grid congestion: at Brainport Industries Campus, they solve it themselves

How do you futureproof the traditional manufacturing industry?

MindLabs is a partner in the AI hub Brainport and a fan of collaborations - today we are giving the floor to a true pioneer: Koen Melis (52) about his startup CastLab.

Machine manufacturer AAE

Machine manufacturer AAE: 'the future lies in data'

Carefree diagnostics

‘Carefree’ diagnostics prevent machine downtime

Vencomatic Group

Vencomatic Group uses AI for sustainable poultry farming and healthy animals

Making sure everyone is prepared for a future with AI

In conversation with Floor Swinkels and Mira Dreessen about Artificial Intelligence

Goal 3

Smart monitor saves babies’ lives in Africa

Column of Auke Hoekstra

Brainport Eindhoven is the ecosystem for new battery technology

AIIM is developing a new generation of robots that can navigate smarter and more intuitively

Gijs Dubbelman became enamored with artificial intelligence during his studies. Fifteen years later, as co-founder and CTO of AIIM (AI in Motion), he is still busy working every day on making systems more intelligent. "At AIIM, we develop flexible and rob

Photonics helps accelerate the energy transition

Mark Cremer and Paul van Wijk talk about how they are using photonics technology at PhotonFirst to accelerate the energy transition

VDL wants to set an example for making business premises more sustainable

Arnold van Triest works as an energy coordinator at VDL Group, which has the aim of making their 105 companies more sustainable

For every home the best energy transition

Lisanne Havinga, from the TU Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Storage works on a model with which making houses more sustainable, becomes cheaper and of higher quality.

First, get the data right, then find the room to grow

The biggest energy consumers in De Waterlaat Business Park are collaborating on a Local Energy Hub.

A Local Energy Hub as a solid solution to grid congestion in Hapert - and subsequently in the rest of the country

Interview with Jendrik van Dijk, Restato

‘We have all the knowledge, expertise and facilities in the Netherlands, so we should do it here.’

Organizing transportation in a more sustainable way without building new roads

A Validation lab to get smart mobility concepts on the road faster - Interview with Wiljan Willems, TNO

Interview with Roland van Venrooij of TomTom, partner in the Digital Infrastructure for Future-Proof Mobility project

Interview with Ted Straten about Green Transport Delta - Waterstof

Interview with Jan Wolter Post of Mitsubishi, partner of the Green Transport Delta-Hydrogen project

Marc Horsten - DAF Trucks – Green Transport Delta

Interview with Jaap van de Wiel, Heliox for DITM

'A battery passport will add to the circular economy.'

Interview with Roeland Fraters from VDL Nedcar

'The more knowledge we can disseminate, the better'

Cooperation is key in preparation for a local energy hub on business park De Hurk

Grid heroes: Lavans can wash now because the sun is shining

More space on power grid through business cooperation

What are the opportunities for collaboration between companies to address the challenges on the electricity grid in the Brainport region and how can they prepare for the expected changes in legislation and contract forms.

The growing pains of the grid

This article is the first part of the series “Grid heroes – pioneering in solutions against grid congestion”

Delta Rhine Corridor

Branch to Brainport region is excellent opportunity

Development programme to resolve shortage of System Engineers

Theme: Laying the foundation for Dutch approach of Systems Engineering

Urban Development Initiative

In the unique innovation climate of Brainport Eindhoven, we work together on solutions to societal challenges in the areas of health, mobility, energy, food, housing and safety.

Van Wees Waalwijk robotizes production lines in food industry

"Mobile cobots make work more fun and interesting for your employees"

Food For Analytics preserves food chains with data

"Data technology: the digital lubricant of the food system of the future"

Lifting a 12-tonne tank with a plastic 3D printed part

Pushing the limits of FFF together


AI can help humans function better

Smart Factory: when digitization meets connectivity

AI is going to revolutionise a lot of aspects

The 'Connected Worker'

Artificial intelligence supports the worker and can thus solve many current challenges facing the manufacturing industry. Read the use cases and lessons learned that manufacturers can take advantage of.

"We beta-fy the alpha world"

Societal or psychological challenges are being analyzed and calculated more and more effectively, thanks to the computing power of computers and the right data.

"Having more diversity in data science teams is incredibly important"

"We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom." Hospitals have access to vast amounts of data, but often do not know how to extract valuable information from it.

In five years, Tarucca wants to monitor all wind turbines in the Netherlands

Wind energy is becoming increasingly important, so more and more wind turbines are being added. Start-up Tarucca wants to make wind turbine inspection easier and more efficient with photonic sensors and AI.

"We can accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare here"

Ymke de Jong accelerates innovation processes with data and AI.

Jeroen Sol 4D printed beetle

Iridescent 4D-printed beetle changes color when it gets wetter

3D printing has become mainstream. But what about 4D printing?

Purifying air with 3D-printed metal filter

Every year, around seven million people around the world die prematurely from diseases caused by air pollution.

Innovation in 3D bin-picking thanks to Future Experience Center

3D bin picking is a technique whereby a robot removes unsorted parts from a bin and prepares them for further processing.

The Brainport way of systems engineering

The Brainport region is a world champion in manufacturing high-tech advanced machines.

Driessen Groep

How can you work in a sustainable way to prevent people from burning out?

IM Efficiency

With Solar on Top trucks need to use less fuel

Med tech start-ups need to have easier access to hospitals

Brainport is the cradle of navigation and digital maps


Heliox charging infrastructure is key for growth of e-mobility sector

Nazar Roskvas

Control Engineer from Ukraine

Tatiana Ungureanu

Senior project lead in software technology Tatiana Ungureanu from Romania works at Sioux on various projects for different customers in the automotive industry. To her and her family Brainport is an empowering environment and a great place to live.

Chips from NXP: putting smarter, safer and greener vehicles on the road

Trucks that automatically follow each other in a convoy to save fuel. Or advanced driver-assistance systems that support drivers in dangerous traffic situations. At NXP Semiconductors, based in Brainport Eindhoven, they are working on smarter, greener and


Fuel cell technology and microturbines are going to make the automotive industry CO2-neutral

Green & Smart Transport Delta

A joint journey towards sustainable, smart and safe mobility

Responsible Mobility!

Mobility transition: from safe or sustainable to safe & sustainable

Beautifying the world with mathematics and creativity

An interview with the founder of Pipple, Jeroen de Haas

Power Battery

Keeping batteries cool under the most extreme conditions

Start-up that will turn the trucking industry on its head:

Smesh is a boyhood dream come true 

Vanderlande AI

Dream big but start manageable


The global center of a milky wonder drug

The five-legged sheep

The systems engineer as the five-legged high-tech sheep

The world's first automated high throughput tissue dissector

Medtech startup Xyall launches, together with technology partner Sioux, a new system for precision diagnostics.

Materials Factory

Innovative and sustainable end products for plastic converter industry that are fully biodegradable or recyclable.

AI is a profession on its own that still needs to mature

Artificial Intelligence is the key to next level automation


Using power without net connection demands continuous innovation

Spinoff Juno develops artificial womb

Dutch scientists are working on an incubator 2.0


The GreenH2UB is a hydrogen factory that, through electrolysis, converts sustainably produced energy from wind and solar farms into green hydrogen.

Prodrive Technologies

Prodrive Technologies uses AI to accelerate automation of manufacturing industry


Starting from a concrete use-case success factor for applying AI

GrAI Matter Labs

Brainport Eindhoven has everything for a chip company to grow


Green hydrogen as an economic perspective

From a drone that delivers beers to a drone that can help firefighters with evacuation in nursing homes

View Derma

Ultra-early detection of skin cancer using multispectral camera and AI algorithms from View Derma

Tilburg University

Researchers have developed an app against needle fear

Federico Fabbricatore

Master student Chemical Engineering from Italy

Jean Claude Garcia

Student Industrial Engineering & Management from Colombia

Meer over de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Student Data Science from Poland

Ömer Turan

Master student Automotive Technology from Turkey

Bthari Ayeisha

Student ICT and Business from Indonesia

Cristian Cireașă

Student Environmental Science from Romania

Massimiliano Garzoni di Adorgnano

Student Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence from Italy

The Road Ahead For Integrated Photonics In Automotive

Wat is fotonica

Integrated photonics

Key Enabler Of Bio-Sensing For The Fight Against Diseases

Tommaso Lunghi

Challenging technology that demands continuous improvement

Giovanna de Simone

Working on a perfect machine for world's most advanced microchips

Onur Emre Erol

What we do is unprecedented

 Furniture-as-a-Service with IKEA  

As part of the circular economy, IKEA Eindhoven is now offering Furniture-as-a-Service.

Taming the AI Demon

Not AI but domain knowledge is what sets you apart from the rest

HyTEPS reduces the risk of electricity problems

Poor power quality can have a significant impact on companies


A sustainable energy transition through lightweight solar panels made of polymers

IBIS Power

PowerNEST uses the power of wind and solar for energy-neutral high-rise buildings

Energy transition with Alius

Facilitating the energy transition by means of system integration, like solar panels that can also produce warm water  

Attractive solar facades from ZigZagSolar 

Solar facades that generate solar energy, provide insulation and block harmful UV radiation.

Dual function of land through technology

Grower of soft fruits Genson wants to use his land to grow fruit and to generate sustainable energy at the same time

Metalot Future Energy lab

oosting hydrogen, metal fuels and battery technology for the industry.

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition

Essential technologie for today's and future battery production


Lightweight, solid state batteries that charge super fast and are extremely efficient and durable.

 ELEO’s battery systems 

 For machinery and vehicle manufacturers who want to make the switch to electric.


Unique technology for efficient and clean batteries

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition


Co-creating next generation solar technology


Ready to claim world leadership in integrated photonic sensing

Setting up a factory is not something you learn at school

The Role of Integrated Photonics for Future 5G Networks

Developing healthcare solutions in close collaboration with hospitals

Systems engineering

as the connecting factor between key technologies

Aesthetic solar installations’s innovative solar installations generate solar energy and enhance the building from an aesthetic point of view

Help hospitals optimize care by analyzing data

Machine from Carbyon

Turns CO2 from air into aviation fuel


Makes a mushroom-based meat substitute from local by-product streams

Wireless sensor technology likely to cause a revolution in neuroscience

Towards a circular economy by bridging science and industry

Amandine Codou

Touching people's lives by improving healthcare

Custom-made bike handlebars

Start-up Speeco develops lightweight carbon fiber handlebars with 3D print technology

WinnerCam: video feedback for all athletes

WinnerCam makes video analysis accessible for all athletes.

A high tech band-aid on an open wound

Plasmacure develops a product that treats wounds with cold plasma

Micro technology for non-invasive (anti) conception

Milestone in the development of contraception of the future

For Tech United, developing advanced robotics is all part of an exciting game

The largest electric bus fleet in Europe operates in Brabant

Read all about this unique collaboration between Hermes and VDL.

SendCloud: shipping tool for more than 10,000 online shops

Urban sports & culture are thriving in Brabant

Esports is booming in Brabant


Underground hot water tank heats thousands of houses

The Brainport Line in a nutshell

Links all campuses and business sites in the region and provides a better connection to other national and international economic centers.

Bringing a 3D printed product to the medtech market together

A lab-on-chip, an intervertebral disc, or an ultra-thin grid in an X-ray machine.

Metal Power

Iron powder as an alternative to coal

Accident or murder: object recognition helps Shanghai CSI’s determine cause of death

Salvia BioElectronics

Salvia develops a pacemaker to counter attacks of migraine

TU institute EIRES

Develops smart energy storage solutions


Test location for ‘life saving’ 5G network


From light bulb manufacturer to health technology company

Bambi Medical

Gives premature babies a good start


'A robot in my eye!' Preceyes develops surgical robots


The quest for the next-generation cobalt free battery


Spin-out from TNO research institute makes batteries with higher energy density and lower CO1 emissions

“Brainport is world-class in Systems Engineering” – sounds good, but how do you secure that position?

Initiative to strengthen the “typical” Brainport Systems Engineering expertise for the Netherlands

Collaboration between 123 nationalities? Noélie (ASML) tells her story.

SMART Photonics links cutting-edge technology to a market need

The direct line from Philips' CD to Morphotonics

EFFECT Photonics is working on the Internet of the future


Clean energy at the press of a button

Pig farmer Hans develops smart pig house systems


Heart valve operations may not be necessary in the future

Pulmonary ultrasound enhanced with AI for detection of COVID-19

Using AI-controlled lung echo

Mass-scale testing for Covid-19 thanks to integrated photonics

Point-of-care testen zijn dé heilige graal van de medische diagnostiek.


Signify reduces carbon footprint with 3D printed luminaires

Additive Industries

Additive Industries, machine manufacturer of industrial 3D metal printers, is a flourishing company with over 120 employees.

Chloé Rutzerveld designs the food of tomorrow