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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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Due to all innovations and new technologies, the world is changing rapidly. By preparing yourself for the future, you will increase your competitiveness and better meet your customer’s demands. This will not only allow you to build a successful company now, but also in the future. For industrial manufacturing industries that want to start using all those innovations, we have initiated the project ‘A Future-proof Manufacturing Industry’.

Project ‘Future-proof Manufacturing Industry’

New technologies such as Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and numerous innovations such as 3D printers and handling robots offer great opportunities for the future. The ‘Future-proof Manufacturing Industry’ project matches entrepreneurs who want to learn from and share knowledge with each other. You will jointly look at the resources available in the region to further build your company. Resources such as organizations, work places, field labs, events, etc. By meeting with and learning from entrepreneurs located in the Kempen, Eindhoven, Helmond, the municipalities situated along the A2 and the Peel, you will use the strength of the regional network. The project doesn’t only focus on sharing knowledge, but rather on using that knowledge to take action. To translate that knowledge in such a way that you can use it within your company and recognize the changes needed to gain the best results.

Brainport Meets Brainport Bruns Bergeijk

A look behind the scenes during the Company Tour

One of the aspects of the project is the Company Tour. Have you always wanted to know how your neighbor is facing any future challenges and how he is applying the newest technologies? Do you want to know how a co-entrepreneur is dealing with an increasing lack of personnel? Or are you just looking for some inspiration by visiting other innovative manufacturers in the region? Numerous expert companies with knowledge are located within the region. They will gladly share their knowledge, but also would like to learn from others. Sign up for the Company Tour. A fixed group of entrepreneurs will visit each other’s company and share knowledge and experiences. Discover new ways to make your company even more successful.

Brainport Meets Brainport Paul van Nunen

The Company Tour

During the Company Tour, a fixed group of a maximum of six entrepreneurs from the region will visit each other’s company. They will also visit your company once. During the visits, you will share knowledge based on themes such as more efficient manufacturing processes, growing despite a lack of personnel, ERP etc.

“A great way to have open discussions with entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowledge to jointly enhance the future of the manufacturing industry”

Anton van de Nobelen, production manager KMWE Toolmanagers

Learning Groups

Another aspect of the ‘Future-proof Manufacturing Industry’ project are the Learning Groups. Entrepreneurs who are participating in the Learning Groups get the opportunity to learn from each other and from various experts. They share experiences and visit work places, (knowledge) institutes and testing grounds in the region. Each Learning Group facilitates a maximum of ten entrepreneurs, who are focusing on a specific theme or issue, such as automation of metal working processes, digital business processes (software/ERP), new business models, cyber security or sensoring. After a couple of sessions, you have learned new ways to improve your company or you may even have implemented those improvements already.

“I thought it was very enlightening to discuss various topics with co-manufacturing companies. Topics I normally have to deal with ‘alone’.”

Jos te Dorsthorst, Order Manager VHE Industrial Automation

Who can participate in the Learning Groups?

The Learning Groups are intended for entrepreneurs, directors or decision-making managers of industrial manufacturing companies that are facing problems or challenges related to the (digital) organization, who would like to learn from co-entrepreneurs. You will get feedback and advice on your own organizational issue and will receive tips and contacts from co-entrepreneurs. This will help you solve your own challenge or case.

Join the ‘Future-proof Manufacturing Industry’ project

The ‘Future-proof Manufacturing Industry’ project is a cooperation between several trade organizations and regional parties. This project helps the FME, de Koninklijke Metaalunie, het Kempisch Ondernemers Platform – KOP, Innovatiehuis De Peel and the Metaalhuis to jointly enhance their technical support and the local businesses. Brainport Development initiated the project. Do you want to participate in a Company Tour or Learning Group? Please contact Monique Sonnemans of Brainport Development for more information or to sign up.

This project has been partly enabled by a contribution of the Metropolitan Region Eindhoven and the province of North Brabant.