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New week, new challenge: social enivornment

Challenge yourself!

Working on a healthier version of you. That is the goal of this platform. To help you to get started, we will challenge you for a period of 7 weeks with different assignments. By completing these challenges you will not only work on your health, but also have a chance at winning great prizes!


This week is all about your social environment. It appears that, apart from getting enough exercise and eating healthy food, your social environment also has an impact on your vitality.

But how does that work exactly, that influence of your environment? And how do you cope with social pressure? This weeks’ challenge will help you:

  • This week you will discuss your expectations with colleagues, friends or acquaintances. You will choose at least one situation in which you will do;
  • You will examine how you can deploy your social environment in order to realise a more healthy and fit version of yourself. You may use the article Deploy social support;
  • This week you will examine if there is a situation in which you are influenced by your physical environment. Do you find one? Then be aware of it and share it with your environment.