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Social environment

One of the pillars of the vitality model is the social environment. Your immediate environment unconsciously plays a role in your behaviour, but it can also influence you.


The social environment has a great influence on our vitality. It can have a direct influence on physiological and psychological processes, often through stress. Research shows that high demands, little self-monitoring and few helpful colleagues in the workplace increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by a third. Secondly, the social environment can influence health through behaviour and lifestyle.Fortunately, the influences of the social environment are not only negative. Sports and healthy eating are social activities and whether you participate in sports activities also depends on your social environment. Scientific research has shown that having good relationships makes you happier for life. So invest in family ties and friendships! Be good to others and you will receive that back, but stay close to yourself and your own goals.

Are you sensitive to social pressure?

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When you talk to people, be aware of your own behaviour and feelings. Notice when you feel uncomfortable, and check with yourself later on why you felt this way. Think of ways to turn these feelings into positive feelings in the future.

Leon van der Zanden, Cabaret artist and presenter


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