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New week, new challenge: sleep

Challenge yourself!

Working on a healthier version of you. That is the goal of this platform. To help you to get started, we will challenge you for a period of 7 weeks with different assignments. By completing these challenges you will not only work on your health, but also have a chance at winning great prizes!


This week the theme is: night rest. We all know that a sufficient amount of sleep is important to us, but how much sleep is that? And how do we make sure we wake up well rested? We challenge you to complete one or more of the following assignments:

  • This week, before you go to bed, you will end your day with a positive note, by writing down one or two things that went well that day
  • For a minimum of two days you will execute the breathing-exercise described here: ‘Nachtrust en de invloed van stress’
  • Leave your laptop and mobile phone somewhere else and don’t take them into your bedroom for four days during the upcoming week