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Sleep is an essential part of a healthy age and therefore of our vitality model. We sleep about a third of our lives. A good night's sleep can bring you a lot.

During the night your body will be able to recover. All the impressions of the day are processed and stored, your hormones are brought into balance, your body temperature and heart rate drop and we pay attention to cellular recovery.

While you sleep, other processes are (more) active than during the day, such as the immune system. A lack of sleep can have far-reaching consequences for your health and weight. The recommended sleep duration for adults is 7 to 9 hours, but some people have different needs (they require more or less sleep).

Five-star night's sleep

Everyone wants to wake up fresh and rested. In order to be able to sleep well, there are a number of conditions that increase sleep. If you follow the five tips, you will get a five-star night's sleep.

Do you also enjoy a five-star night's sleep?

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Catch as much daylight as possible during the day and avoid bright and/or blue light at night such as TV, tablet or telephone. Make sure that you catch as much daylight as possible during the day, this is especially important for your eyes.

Els Møst, Research scientist at Philips


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