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Vitality model explanation

It is crucial to build and maintain your vitality. This is logical, but not always easy. It's a very broad domain, and where do you start? There seem to be a million experts and theories.

We're going to help you with clever tricks and a clear 'offer', divided into different themes and building blocks. Together, of course. We will share the knowledge that we have gathered over the years and from many different professional fields and geographic regions.

We want to help you on the basis of the vitality model. It all starts with the foundation of your life. The foundation of your life is formed by your passions and motives. What are your motives? Why do you do the things you do? On that foundation of passion and motives you build your life and behaviour.

For this you need building blocks, such as the right nutrition, enough exercise, the social environment that supports you and a good night's sleep. When those building blocks are balanced, you can use your energy well, you feel good about yourself and you can go to work and enjoy life!

On this platform you will be stimulated to take a critical look at your own foundation and building blocks and with the given information you can adjust and/or sharpen them if necessary. That does not mean that you have to follow a strict diet or a heavy program at the gym. The most important thing is that firstly you become aware of your own life. Then, it's mainly about getting to know more and different possibilities to make healthier choices, either in diet, or by getting exercise during regular daily activities, and also by getting a better balance in your sleep. These things don't take much extra time or effort, so you're more likely to keep up with the changes for a long time.

Furthermore, on this platform we pay a lot of attention to your mindset. The changes in your life will have to fit your goals and contribute to the things you find important. You do not change your life because someone else wants you to or because someone tells you you you have to. It is the intention that you enjoy your lifestyle. With all the information and insights you know where your pitfalls lie and how you can turn them into a more positive way of life.