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How do I eat healthy on vacation?

With the vacations just around the corner, you might find it harder to keep eating healthy. All those local delicacies can easily tempt you to choose something unhealthy more often, while you had agreed with yourself to eat healthy during your vacation and return without extra vacation pounds.


We give you five handy tips on how to do this.

1.   Keep your rhythm

Try to keep to your three main meals and three snacks as much as possible. This prevents you from unwittingly eating all day and ending up eating more than you really want to. Do you sleep longer on vacation? Then simply shift your meal times around too.

2. Drink enough water

With the heat of the summer you sweat more. As a result, you're also more thirsty. The question is what you drink to quench your thirst. Do you go for soft drinks, alcoholic drinks or syrup? Then you quickly gain extra energy, while this does not or hardly fill your stomach. It is better to choose water, coffee or tea without sugar.

3. Pamper yourself with something healthy first

Have you booked a vacation with a breakfast buffet or even all-inclusive? Then chances are you'll be eating larger portions than you do at home. Try to choose something healthy first. For example, start with a bowl of fresh fruit. This will give you your first portion of fruit. This will satisfy your initial hunger and it will be easier for you to leave unhealthy options behind.

4.  Keep moving

Although it is very tempting to lie on your beach bed all day, it is also healthy on vacation to keep moving. And it's often easier than you think to exercise on vacation. Pull a few extra laps in the pool, take a walk through a beautiful town or choose what you normally never do. How about surfing, pedal boats or badminton?

5. Enjoy!

Every country has its own delicacies. One delicacy is healthier than the other. So try to be moderate. You can also enjoy smaller portions. And you should definitely enjoy. By enjoying yourself you give your body the chance to let go of all the stress of everyday life. And that is also very healthy!