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Webinar: Choose consciously and eat healthy

Do you know what healthy food is, but still find it difficult to resist the temptation of an unhealthy snack? It's a struggle many people have with themselves: you want to eat healthy, but end up not doing it. This is annoying and can have several causes. But fortunately, there are some useful tips & tricks to become aware of these pitfalls and needs. 

During the webinar "Choose consciously and eat healthy" we take you into the world of nutrition and discuss how to maintain a healthy eating behavior in practice. We will do this together with three experts: Dr. Chantalle Burgers, general practitioner and lifestyle doctor & coach, Marieke de Groot, dietician and author of the book Vast Wel! and Nina de Rooij, lifestyle advisor at PSV.   

Watch the webinar below.

More about the speakers

Dr Chantalle Burgers 

Chantalle Burgers works two days a week as a general practitioner. Due to the lack of time she has with her patients during consultations, she gets the feeling that she is treating symptoms and not addressing the causes: she is fighting the disease, but not necessarily promoting the health and happiness of the patient. 
That is why she started working as a lifestyle doctor and coach in addition to her job as a general practitioner. With her company Doctor Chantalle, she guides people to optimal well-being. Or as she puts it herself in Brabants, "Feeling really good about yourself. 

Marieke de Groot 

Marieke de Groot is a dietician and co-owner of the Voedingsacademie, where she says she challenges current views on nutrition and health. She loves nutrition, periodic fasting, cold, breathing exercises, adventure and running. 
After several courses, she shifted her focus: from one-on-one counseling on GP referral to inspiring large groups about their health. In 2021, she published her book Vast Wel!, which she co-wrote with Brenda Frunt. In it she explains how to get more energy by eating less often each day. 

Nina de Rooij 

Nina de Rooij is lifestyle advisor at PSV and closely involved in the development of the PSV Brainport Vitality Platform. Every week she guides hundreds of people to a healthier and more vital lifestyle.