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New week, new challenge: nutrition

Challenge yourself

This week is all about healthy food. We all know it is important, but how do you eat healthy? And how do we know which products we should integrate into our daily diet, and which products we should leave on the shelves. This week’s challenge will get you started. Try to complete one or more of the assignments below!

  • Write down what you eat and drink for a minimum of 5 days, either on paper or via an app as MyFitnessPa.
  • Search and prepare three healthy recipes, which includes 250 grams of vegetables per day. Tip: a soup is always a good idea.
  • Look at the labels of five products you regularly eat and find out if there are healthier options (if you want to check how to do this again, have a look at ‘Reading labels’)

Let's see this week; what am I eating? What does that do to your body? And how does it make you feel?