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An important pillar of the vitality model is nutrition. Every day you are exposed to nutrition. But what is healthy? Check it out here. 

The correct amount and correct mix of food provides you with the energy to exercise, to be alert at work and to do everyday things.

Basic principles of nutrition 

The basic principles about nutrition are:

  • Learn to experience what your body needs
  • Eat as many natural products as possible
  • Eat at least 250 grams of vegetables
  • Eat as few sugars and sweeteners as possible
  • Be moderate with starch products (such as bread, pasta, cereals, rice, French fries and potatoes)
  • Eat a varied diet so that you get enough vitamins and minerals
  • Consume sufficient fibres (30 to 40 grams per day)
  • Avoid alcohol  
  • Avoid trans fats
  • Remain hydrated (drink ± 2 litres of water or non-alcoholic, non-dehydrating drinks per day)

Go keep track of what you eat one day. A food diary gives you a lot of insights. After a week of taking records, you will gain insight into what you eat and see what you could replace.

Johan Hulleman, Head of Quality Assurance at Jumbo

Don't suddenly eat less, but look for a healthier alternative. As a snack you can cut strips of sweet pepper, cucumber, celery and carrot. With a dip of yoghurt with samurai sauce or pesto you can enjoy as good as a bag of crisps.


Enthusiastic athlete

You are a serious amateur athlete when you train at least three times a week for 1 - 2 hours or more and try to improve your performance through a constructive training structure in order to reach your maximum performance limit. For you, sport is part of your lifestyle, but it is not your profession.

Athletes have a higher carbohydrate requirement than non-athletes. Carbohydrates provide sufficient fuel during exercise and optimal carbohydrate storage in the muscles. The higher the heart rate, the harder it is for the body to extract energy from fats. Carbohydrates are therefore the body's preferred fuel.



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