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What should I wear when running?

Choosing the right running clothes can be a daunting task. The selection is huge! What should you at least have in your closet? And how do you decide what to wear on the road? We’ve got some tips!

Most running clothes are made of breathable and quick-drying material. Many running garments also contain ventilation holes and mesh panels, which contribute to maximum air permeability. This allows sweat to be wicked away and keeps your body dry. This also ensures that your body stays at the right temperature. Cotton clothing is less suitable for running. This actually traps sweat, making the shirt heavy and prone to chafing. 

What running clothes do you need?

A comfortable fit with sufficient freedom of movement is extremely important. Therefore, choose clothes that fit the body well, so that your movement is not restricted. A comfortable shirt, tight running trousers and good sports socks are indispensable in a runner’s wardrobe. For women, a supportive sports bra is also essential. 

What should you wear and when?

The weather has a major influence on your choice of clothes. The following guidelines may therefore be helpful. Of course, some people get cold sooner than others, so this is nothing more than an aid. You will soon learn which clothes feel best at what temperature.

Warmer than 17 degrees: (sleeveless) top, shorts or short tights and possibly a cap and sunglasses. 
Between 10 and 17 degrees: short- or long-sleeved shirt, three-quarter length or short tights
Between 0 and 9 degrees: long sleeve shirt and a (thermal) sports shirt, long tights
Less than 0 degrees: long sleeve shirt, thermal sport shirt and jacket, winter tights and possibly gloves and a hat or headband

Especially in winter, it sometimes takes a while to warm up. In cold weather it is best to wear layers. A thin jacket easily ties around your hips when you get warm.

Source: https://www.hardlopen.nl/artikelen/gear/wat-trek-ik-aan-tijdens-het-hardlopen/