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Planning running routes from home

Do you run the same route every time? This may be an easy and safe option, but it can get boring in the long run. Coming up with a new running route can be tricky, but with these tools, you can easily map out a route from home. 

When you create a running route in advance, you know exactly how many kilometres your run will be. You can discover new surroundings and not be afraid to get lost. Planning a route yourself is easy online.


With eRoutes, you don't have to create your own route, but you can specify a starting point and the number of kilometres you want to run. Based on this, a running route is calculated for you. You can run with your running watch with GPX or install the app on your phone. Voice navigation guides you in the right direction.


With RunnerMaps, you can map out your own route online. You select your starting point on the map and then click on the points you want to run along. You can choose to end at your starting point, but you also have the option to specify a different ending point. Once you are happy with your new route, you can save it and load it onto your watch via GPX. Lacking inspiration or no time to plan your own route? You can also choose one of the existing routes.


Since many runners upload their activities to Strava, the platform has detailed data. Strava’s route suggestions are based on routes taken by other runners in your area. Select your location and the number of kilometres you want to run and let Strava do the work. You can also indicate whether you prefer flat or hilly terrain and whether you prefer paved roads or forest trails. You can also draw a route yourself in the app in no time and Strava will find the right roads for it. In this way, it becomes very easy to create original Strava Art or to include certain segments in your route. You can import the GPX file to your watch or to Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect

In Garmin Connect, you can create a route to upload to your watch. On the map, you select your starting point, a possible starting direction and the number of kilometres you want to run. Garmin Connect will calculate a route for you. But you can also get started yourself by drawing a route on the map. You can get inspiration from the Heatmap, which shows what popular routes are among other Garmin users. Have you planned a long-distance run? If so, you can even add reminders for when to drink. Save your route to send it to your Garmin device.


Plot-a-route is a wonderful tool for creating Strava Art. You can easily draw detailed routes, add waypoints and change parts of the route. It is even possible to reverse the direction. The programme requires some skill, but offers numerous possibilities. The only drawback is that your plotted route is not automatically linked to roads and paths, so you have to be very accurate.

NN Hardloopplanner

With the Nationale-Nederlanden Hardloopplanner, you can discover new routes yourself through the city, the countryside or along the coast. One convenient feature: select the sights you want to pass by and the route will be adjusted accordingly. Download the route as a .gpx file and upload it to your favourite running app.