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Movement is one of the pillars of the vitality model. To make and keep your body as vital as possible, movement is important. You don't have to go to the gym every day or stand on the field, but this can be done in simple ways. How can you do this? Check it out!


The Health Council of the Netherlands (an independent scientific body that advises government and parliament on public health and health care) has drawn up the exercise guidelines for adults and the elderly. These are as follows:

  1. Exercise for at least 150 minutes per week in moderate or heavy intensity and spread over several days;
  2. Do muscle and bone strengthening activities at least twice a week, for the elderly combined with balance exercises;
  3. Avoid sitting a lot.

Put a cooking alarm or alarm on your phone and stand, walk or stretch out at least every half hour.

Aarnout Bromacher, Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology


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How do I find good running music?

Many of us like to listen to music while running. The right songs can motivate you and keep you going longer. But how do you find the right running music to match your running rhythm?

How to choose a good sports watch for running?

A sports watch is a useful gadget for charting your workouts in a fun way. Distance and speed are no longer the only things you can measure with a watch. More and more sports watches also have the option of tracking heart rate, sleep rhythm, calorie consumption, stride frequency and ground contact time, among other things. The range of running watches is so large that it is difficult to choose. How to choose the sports watch that suits you best? With this overview, you can determine which functions are of interest to you.

Planning running routes from home

Do you run the same route every time? This may be an easy and safe option, but it can get boring in the long run. Coming up with a new running route can be tricky, but with these tools, you can easily map out a route from home.

Tips on buying running shoes

Every foot is different, which is why there are all kinds of different types of running shoes. If you are going to buy new running shoes, it is therefore quite difficult to choose the right shoe. What should you keep in mind? With these tips, you’ll head to the running store well prepared.

Four tips for staying mentally strong during a race

I can’t do it. I still have so far to go. I'm not going to reach my goal now anyway, so I’m going to take it easy. Every runner recognises those discouraging thoughts that stand between you and achieving your goals. If you want to get the best out of your sporting achievements, it is important to train mentally as well as physically. We have four tips that will help you increase your mental strength.

What should I wear when running?

Choosing the right running clothes can be a daunting task. The selection is huge! What should you at least have in your closet? And how do you decide what to wear on the road? We’ve got some tips!

A good warm-up

Is a warm-up really necessary? Wouldn’t it be better to save your energy and give it your all in training or competition? ‘No, definitely not’, says medical expert and sports doctor Mirjam Steunebrink. ‘Just do the warm-up, because you’ll be doing your body a big favour.’

Running technique for beginners

Running is a technical sport: if you want to run faster or more efficiently, it is good to look at your running style. There is no such thing as one running technique, but when you’re just starting out there are often many points you can pay attention to in order to improve yourself. expert Rob Veer offers a few handy tips for better running technique.

How running helps you get through your working day

Running is not only good for your body, it also keeps your brain in top condition. Among other things, exercise gets the blood flowing in your brain and makes you more productive and creative. And you will reap the benefits of this during your working day!

Here's why you should train with a schedule!

Whatever your goal, a running schedule can help you achieve it. With a clear plan, you will know exactly what workouts to do to improve your fitness and speed. Leave the science to someone else so you can concentrate on the running.

How running affects your body

Running improves your fitness. You’ll notice that already when you train for a few weeks in a row. It also often works wonders for your mood. But much more good happens in your body when you run regularly.

Exercise inspiration

Go on a walk while you eat your lunch, walk around the block while you talk on the telephone, or get up ten minutes earlier to do some exercises. If you want to stay vital, then it’s important to get enough exercise. We’ve come up with these handy tips to inspire you to do so in a fun, easy way at home.

Why exercise is important

Those who think that you only need to be fit to perform well in sports are wrong. Your body makes demands on your fitness all day, every day. Your fitness level depends partly on how much you exercise. So get moving!


An important way to get a picture of your life and movement pattern is to keep track of the number of steps you take each day.

Sitting posture

Avoid a lot of sitting and when you do make sure that you stand up every 30 minutes and move around. When sitting down, try to set up your workplace ergonomically using the tips below.

Muscle strengthening activities

Muscle strengthening activities are very useful and can be used for different purposes (which ones?). It can increase muscle strength and/or muscle size, also known as hypertrophy. In addition, muscle strengthening activities have health benefits.

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