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New week, new challenge: Energy management

Challenge yourself!

Working on a healthier version of you. That is the goal of this platform. To help you to get started, we will challenge you for a period of 7 weeks with different assignments. By completing these challenges you will not only work on your health, but also have a chance at winning great prizes!


This week is all about energy management. There are things in life that give us energy, but also things that cost us energy. But how do you balance your energy levels? We challenge you to complete one or more of the following assignments:

  • This week you will write down what your energy-givers and energy-takers are (for more information, read the article ‘Use your energy smartly’).
  • You will use the Pomodoro-method at least once 
  • During the upcoming week you will use the Eisenhower-matrix to figure out where your priorities lie when it comes to your goals. For example, if this is health, you will make room in your schedule for it