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DDW tip 3 - Embassy of Urban Mobility

How do we move into the future? Discover new innovations, designs and technologies at the World Design Embassies.


During Dutch Design Week 2022, everything is about 'get set'. Discover new innovations, designs and technologies at the World Design Embassies. This time, we share a tip3 from the Embassy of Urban Mobility.

How will we get around in the future? Walk into the Klokgebouw and find out.


1. Glance for green 

Our current inner cities are designed for cars, not people. In many cities, cars take up more than half, sometimes as much as 80 per cent, of public space. This makes cities highly efficient, but also often at the expense of people's livability and happiness. Greening inner cities contributes greatly to preventing heat stress, allowing rainwater to drain away and reducing CO2 emissions. Greening can also have a positive impact socially. Residents and visitors to a city get more exercise space to relax and meet each other. In the Embassy Lab 'Green for Glance', Studio 1:1 explores the possibilities of a greener city centre.

By: Studio 1:1 i.c.w. Municipality of Eindhoven


2. Third Office 

In Embassy Lab: Workplaces away from home, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe tackled the design question: How can we facilitate good workplaces close to home so that commuters need to make fewer transport movements? Their answer: Third Office. A professional environment, at cycling distance from home, with all the facilities you have at the office. In Embassy Lab 'Workplaces away from home', VEVDL explores the possibilities of this type of workplace.

By: Ven Eijk & Van der Lubbe i.c.w. Rijkswaterstaat

3. Knoop XL 

Knoop XL is the area around Eindhoven central station. Some two hundred people currently live here. In the coming years, this will grow to 15,000 people. Knoop XL has to become a place to live, work, meet and stay. Traditionally, we developed an area from different silos: mobility, living, working, green. That ensured optimal and efficient thinking from mobility. The result? Livability and green space came under pressure faster. But what if we used happiness as a starting point when designing Knoop XL, what would mobility look like?

By: Municipality of Eindhoven