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Quality of Life - Healthcare

Outstanding & accessible healthcare

Medical care in the Netherlands is in a league with the best in the world and rated as the best in Europe. Moreover, it is accessible to everyone and health insurance is mandatory.

Almost all doctors speak excellent English. Hospitals are always nearby and everyone has a family doctor or a general practitioner. He or she is the first contact for medical questions and will refer to a specialist when more specialized expertise is needed.

Top-notch and easy acessible healthcare for everyone in Brainport Eindhoven
A healthy workforce is the foundation of a succesful business. Brainport Eindhoven has very high healthcare standards. In Brainport Eindhoven you find six hospitals and a lot of general practitioners. There also is a special healthcare clinic (SGE International) for international knowledge workers. There the main language is English and doctors are used to deal with a variety of different cultures, habits and needs with respect to medication and referral to specialists.

“My GP fully understands my needs, even when I find it difficult to explain my health issue in a different language.”
Yun Seo Than – South Korea

More information
You find more information about healthcare in Brainport Eindhoven on the website of Holland Expat Center South.

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