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Techcafé | Additive Manufacturing

The place to make new contacts and to discuss tech topics over a drink and a snack.


Date:  8 December 2022 | 3:30 - 6:00 PM
Location:  Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven

This is the Techcafé about Additive Manufacturing

The clubhouse for the high-tech and manufacturing industry cannot be without a Techcafé. It is the place to meet new contacts and to discuss tech topics while enjoying a drink and a snack. On December 8, Mikrocentrum, together with DSPE, will open the doors for the fourth edition of the Techcafé in Veldhoven.


Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing is a technique that made its first appearance already in 1990. More than 30 years on, the opportunities are bigger than ever. Is Additive Manufacturing only suitable for prototypes or should we not underestimate opportunities for the production environment? And what knowledge do we need to make the most of these opportunities? 

This coming Techcafé, Maarten Roos will talk to four experts in this field. These are our table guests:

  • Philippe Reinders Folmer - Renishaw (General Manager Benelux)
  • Kris Binon - Flam3D (Director)
  • Jaap Bulsink - K3D (CTO)
  • Rein van der Mast - Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Research Lead 3D Printing)

Will you be there on December 8? Participation is free of charge. 

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