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Precision 2023

The trade fair for the entire precision technology value chain


About the 21nd edition of the PRECISION FAIR

From micrometer to picometer. The demand for even more accurate and smaller measurements, production and construction has been increasing unabated for years. Products and technologies are also becoming more complex and smarter. Precision technology has therefore rapidly developed into the stable basis for many devices and components around us. It is not without reason that precision technology is one of the foundations of the Dutch knowledge and innovation economy.

The Precision Fair is the trade fair for the entire precision technology value chain: from mechatronic engineering & systems, metrology, vacuum & clean, micro processing & motion, laser & photonics to production for high precision

The Precision Fair's collaborations with Big Science projects, but also with large international OEMs, have resulted in a large number of assignments for the business community and still do. However, the limit of precision technology has not yet been reached. Meeting, collaborating and sharing knowledge are indispensable to keep up with the rapid technological developments. During the 21st edition you will therefore meet top companies, training institutes, government agencies, technical universities and incubator programs. During two days you will discover a wide range of solutions within the following themes:

  • Mechatronic Engineering & Systems
  • metrology
  • Vacuum & Clean
  • Micro Processing & Motion
  • Laser & Photonics
  • Production for high precision


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