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Green Café: No time to waste

On Monday 19 December, the 4TU. Federation in collaboration with The Gate TU/e is organising an event on circular economy and waste streams.


Green Café is part of the 4TU.Circular Economy Roadshow dedicated to the transition to a bio-based circular economy. From food to textiles, design, new materials and energy, the whole spectrum is covered.

As the call for a circular, bio-based economy grows louder, top scientists and students at 4TU are working on solutions to make it a reality. Want to take a look behind the scenes and learn today about the ideas that will shape our future? Then join the 4TU. Circular Economy Roadshow.

Green Café

On 19 December, the roadshow will descend on the TU/e Campus. Here, a Green Café will take centre stage, aimed at further introducing the concept of biobased circularity and the need for change.

After some more information about the ReThink Waste Challenge, several discussions will take place in small groups on the topic of waste to come up with new ideas and learn more from each other. 


16:00   Welcome

16:05   Research Opportunities and Waste by Anna Wieczorek 

16:10   Biobased Circularity by Han van Kasteren

16:20   Pitch on startup PAKT by Thijs Wester 

16:25   ReThink Waste Challenge by Anna Celli (WUR)

16:30   Explain the Game for Green Cafe by Ivo van der Peet

16.35   Start of Green Cafe discussions 

17.45   Let's network!

18.30   End 

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TU/e Innovation Space - MA1.260 - Light Assembly