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Battery technology innovation mission US

Are you active in battery technology? Then join the innovation mission "Battery Technology USA.

Date:   May 7 to May 12, 2023
Location:   California, United States

Are you active in battery technology? Do you want to know about recent developments in California in new generation battery technology? Do you want to interact with leading battery experts in both industry and research? Then join the innovation mission 'Battery Technology USA'.

Why US/California? 

Battery developments, both in technology and manufacturing, are moving fast worldwide. California is the center of new generation battery innovations. This innovation mission will take place in San Francisco (Silicon Valley) and Los Angeles. In these two regions, many companies and research institutions are active in the field of new generation batteries and battery applications. 

For whom

The mission is particularly aimed at R&D and business development managers, CTOs and CEOs of companies (SMEs and large companies) and knowledge institutions. In short, people involved in developing and making new generation batteries. The mission is of interest to:  

  • Dutch companies (start-ups/scale-ups and corporates) active in battery technology;  
  • Knowledge institutions working on - or involved in - the development and application of new battery technologies. 


The cost for participation in the innovation mission is €250 excluding VAT per person. This includes: participation in the collective program, transfers to and from program elements, lunch and dinners if mentioned in the program. Participation does not include travel, accommodation and all individual costs.


Would you like to participate in this innovation mission? Then sign up before February 24, 2023.

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