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High Tech Campus Eindhoven

At High Tech Campus Eindhoven a unique mix of multinationals, knowledge institutes, SME’s and startups, are developing the innovations of the future in an Open Innovation Environment.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Where technology is turned into business

High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) is where world’s brightest minds come together to develop ground-breaking technology in the field of Health, Energy and Smart Environments. It is also the place where technology in Brainport Eindhoven is turned into business.

This high-tech hotspot, also known as the smartest square kilometre in Europe, houses a unique, diverse mix of established global brands, leading research institutes, fast growth enterprises, high-tech start-ups and service companies. At the campus knowledge, experience, world-class research facilities and technical infrastructure are shared in an open innovation ecosystem.

The campus created a community that paves the way for knowledge sharing which results in true added value for its residents.

Accelerate your innovation

A high concentration of knowledge in a relatively small area and the open atmosphere in which people work together on new technologies, help you accelerate innovation.

Researchers, developers and entrepreneurs can easily join existing international networks and innovation projects, led by leading R&D institutes on the campus. Business representatives can easily join the international networks which are incorporated in these projects.

This accelerates the time-to-market of new technologies and products and helps high tech entrepreneurs achieve their goals within a shorter amount of time.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

World-class companies and knowledge institutes

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

5 Benefits High Tech Campus Eindhoven offers

Access to an extensive pool of exceptional international talent

Building a winning business is all about having access to exceptional talent. People from over 85 nations work on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. A campus with an international reputation as a centre of business and scientific excellence; but also a Campus with an open, collaborative culture that welcomes everyone. The Campus has attracted over 11,000 highly-qualified people that are best-in-class in their field. Another 50,000 high-tech professionals work in the near vicinity for other companies, organisations and campuses in Brainport Eindhoven. Both Eindhoven University of Technology and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) are nearby talent pools.

Cost Efficient R&D through open Labs, Facilities and Services

High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCe) offers you easy access to world-class shared research facilities, research programmes, funding, networks, clusters and other collaborations. It has a broad range of advanced innovation services, expertise and high-tech facilities across the whole innovation process. This includes concept creation, product development, prototyping and small series production, right through to sustainability and industrial process consulting. High Tech Campus Eindhoven offers access to 25,000 square metres of multi-purpose labs & clean rooms, reliability testing, checks on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and RF/DC measurement labs. The campus is independently owned and operated.

Open Innovation: a unique collaborative and open culture of corporates, knowledge institutes, SME’s and Start-ups

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a unique ecosystem of established global brands, leading research institutes, fast growth enterprises, high-tech start-ups and service companies. At High Tech Campus Eindhoven gates are always open. This makes it possible for possible partners to look in and also makes it possible for employees to look outside. Innovation is not a department. It’s a culture. At High Tech Campus Eindhoven open collaboration is part of everyone’s DNA.

High proximity of 160 companies and facilities on a square kilometre

Key to the success of High Tech Campus Eindhoven is its high-tech power network. On the campus you find over 160 leading tech companies, large and small within 5 minutes’ walk from your office. The presence of multinationals such as Philips, NXP and Intel, as well as research institutes such as Holst Centre and Solliance, means there is a wealth of expertise available within High Tech Campus Eindhoven. And the cluster of research centres is constantly growing.

Campus partner soft-landing programme

International companies that want to get to know High Tech Campus Eindhoven are given the chance to experience what the campus has to offer via a special partnership offer. In a trial period of only 2 months, the campus arranges a unique, full service intensive introduction program for companies. It consists of a free workplace and help in getting connected to all relevant parties in the successful open innovation network the campus offers.

High Tech Campus Facts & Figures

Nearly 40% of all patent applications in the NL come from the High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Application Areas: Health, Energy and Smart Environments
Over 160 companies are located on the campus (55 start-ups, 30 SMEs, 75 corporate players)

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