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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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7x Tips from the RegioRadar this March

This month we share 7 tips from the Regioradar. It's thé online platform to discover fun trips in the whole Brainport region. So if you're looking for a nice weekend activity then scroll down. . 

Look for the whole overview on: - They also include a section for everyone who hasn’t mastered the Dutch language (yet).

Music -  Saturday March 4th Tigre Blanco BERGEIJK

1. Catsdance

Tigre Blanco presents its new sound in 'Radio Blanco'. Just as the white tiger is a rare sight in nature, also Tigre Blanco's sound differs from the musical landscape in the Netherlands. With the cajon, bass, guitar and the mix of miss Kitty Kat's jazzy vocals and front man Quintijn Lohman's raw voice they intent to create an uncategorizable blend of blues, rock and soul.

Click here for more info!

Reading -  Sunday March 5th Library VELDHOVEN

2. Susan Smit in honor of the upcoming Book Week 2023

(Dutch) The library is an inspiring place to dive into a book and enjoy reading. There are plenty of library locations in the region where you will feel at home. Susan Smit is coming to Veldhoven Library as a warm-up for Boekenweek 2023 and will share her passion for spirituality and literature.

Click here for more info!

Movie premiere - Thursday March 9th in Natlab EINDHOVEN

3. Love Life / Kôji Fukada

Love Life is inspired by Akiko Yano's 1991 album of the same name. Taeko, her husband Jiro and their son Keita are having a happy life together when suddenly disaster strikes: Keita dies. During the funeral, the deaf and homeless Park storms in, who turns out to be Keita's biological father.

Click here for more info!

Theatre - Thursday March 9th in De Ruchte SOMEREN

4. Now I See You: Solo Stories / Soy Kroon

(Dutch) Ten years after his father's self-inflicted death, his 21-year-old son awakens from a daze. Why can't he manage to make something of his life? If he dares to look the past in the eye, maybe he can see a future again.

Click here for more info!

Expo - Sunday March 19th in De Bevrijdende Vleugels BEST

5. World War 2 Modelbuildingday

A day for amateur and professionals! From large format RC tanks to dioramas to airplanes and boats, today you will find both. Divided into four hangars, independent builders and modeling clubs will show their special works.

Click here for more info!

Cabaret - Monday March 27th in De Weeffabriek BEST

6. Brabaret Open Mic

(Dutch) An afternoon filled with humor while listening to Brabant’s en Flemish comedians. This friendly event is a proven concept and is in many places already a great success. Now it will also take place in Geldrop and will have a line-up with some well-known and lesser known artists, some short performances and certainly something for every taste!

Click here for more info!

Festival - March 30th till April 8th in several Wonka Podia BRAINPORT REGIO

7. Wonka Comedy Festival

The Wonka Podia is welcoming comedy lovers and discoverers of the genre to their Podia. Young, old, of any nationality or background. There is a sneak peek of the Zuidelijk Toneel's show Mission Molière. There are performances of comedy writer and stand-up comedian Tony Woods. There will be a comedy night with Connor Burns, Harry Stachini, Liam Farrelly and Matt Reed. A performance of  Rob Scheepers and Christel de laat and much more.

This festival is the result of the successful collaboration between the six Wonka Podia from the South-East Brabant region: Theater de Hofnar Valkenswaard, Kattendans Bergeijk, Parktheater Eindhoven, Theater de Schalm Veldhoven, Het Speelhuis and De Cacaofabriek Helmond.

Click here for more info!

Additional Expos

Expo -  till April 22nd Pennings Foundation EINDHOVEN

Ilse Schrama We're part of the natural world

With her latest series, We're part of the natural world, Ilse Schrama (1964 - 2022) created fictional rooms for scientists researching ecosystems and who are actively engaging with nature and the environment.

Click here for more info!

Expo -  March 25th till May 13rd in the Galerie Persoon EERSEL

Jukka Mompó Midrigal  Photo realistic painter Jukka Mompó Madrigal

Admire the very latest paintings by Spanish painter Jukka Mompó Midrigal. His photorealistic portraits demonstrate an impressive mastery of painting technique and understanding of color.

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