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Learn & Work

Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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How does Brainport Eindhoven’s job portal work?

On Brainport Eindhoven’s job portal, you will find a list of all available Dutch and English tech and IT job ads* in the region. Any talent can use this international website to easily see what our region has to offer.

The website automatically retrieves the available jobs from external websites**. In addition to collecting these jobs, Brainport Development also promotes the region and the jobs available in the region throughout the world by means of online campaigns (Facebook, Google SEA, Microsoft Bing, etc.). This service is free of charge. 

When opening the job portal, the search criteria are automatically set to search for jobs in the Brainport region and in the English language. When a talent is clicking on a job ad, he or she will automatically be redirected to the job page of the relevant company or intermediary. This way, he or she can always directly apply at the relevant company or intermediary.


For this service, we are using Textkernel’s Jobfeed spider. The Jobfeed spider searches the websites of companies and intermediaries for new jobs at a daily basis***. The Jobfeed spider can distinguish job ads from other texts by means of Machine Learning technology. Based on a number of criteria, it will retrieve a selection of those jobs for Brainport Eindhoven. We will try to refer to the job page of the relevant company as much as possible. If the company has not posted the job add on its own job page or if the job ad does not meet below criteria, we will refer to the website of an intermediary.

Job ad criteria

Your job ad must meet a number of criteria to be found by the Jobfeed spider. When you meet those criteria, we can also post your job at Brainport Eindhoven’s international job portal. 

  • The available job must be related to tech or IT
  • Your company is located within Brainport Eindhoven or Northern Brabant****
  • This is preferably specified as follows: location: city
  • You have clearly indicated the required level of education ****
  • We will only show jobs at intermediate vocational level if the level required is defined as intermediate vocational/higher vocational level
  • The available job must have its own unique url
  • The link to the job ad must also be visible at an overview page
  • For example, a page containing a list of all available jobs
  • The available jobs should have been posted less than 26 weeks ago
  • The type of contract offered should be clearly mentioned
  • For example: part-time from 32 hours or full-time
  • The job ad must be available in the English language to be able to show the ad to international talent

* Unfortunately, it is not possible to show all available jobs. We try to show 80 to 90% of all available jobs, but this percentage depends on many factors. By meeting the above-mentioned criteria, chances are that your job ads will be posted at the international job portal. 

** Brainport Development does not control the jobs posted on the portal and cannot add any jobs by hand. It can only change the criteria on the basis of which any jobs are retrieved from Jobfeed. 

*** It is not allowed to spider the jobs posted on Indeed and LinkedIn (due to their legal policy). Any jobs posted on these sites, will therefore not be posted on Brainport Eindhoven’s job portal.

**** It is important to mention the work location and level of education required in the job ad to prevent the ad from being categorized as ‘other’. Since in that case, the job ad does not meet the selection criteria set by Brainport Eindhoven and will not be posted on the job portal.