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DDW 3 tips - Embassy of Food

What will the supermarket look like in 2050? Find out at the Dutch Design Week!


During Dutch Design Week 2022, everything is about "get set". Discover new innovations, designs and technologies at the World Embassies. This time we share a tip3 from the Embassy of Food.

Here you step into the supermarket of 2050 with interactive installations. 

1. Microbiota to go

Humans are largely composed of microbial cells, such as bacteria and yeasts. Our gut flora, also known as the microbiome, influences our health, behavior and even mood. Due to the Western diet and high levels of hygiene, our gut flora has become impoverished in recent years. This makes for a weaker immune system and can increase the risk of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Microbiota-to-go is a speculative installation in the Embassy of Food at Dutch Design Week. The microbiota-to-go machine uses smart algorithms to map your intestinal flora; the basis for a personalized microbe cocktail to support your microbiome. In the expo, your personal profile is loaded and based on that, the installation generates a complement to your microbiota. 

By: Merle Bergers

2. Deeply personal vending machine

The Deeply personal vending machine gives personalized nutritional advice based on personal data. Through digital techniques, such as facial recognition and heart rate monitors, the vending machine retrieves personal data such as your weight, height, age, mood and heart rate. You have to do almost nothing; just stand in front of the camera. The machine then lets you know which of the products best matches your state of health.

During DDW a temporary discount offer! The more data you share with the Deeply personal vending machine, the more discount you get on the product specially recommended to you!

By: Tom Schouw and Sjoerd Legué

3. AI-bert's Fresh Place

AI-bert's Fresh Place is an interactive installation where you can engage in a conversation with AI. Based on the conversation, the algorithm creates a personalized product for you. All under the motto: "Personalized solutions for life on a degraded planet." 

Through AI, AI-bert's Fresh Place helps you make different and, more importantly, better choices. Shared choices for a better world. In the supermarket, many worlds and issues come together and power structures become visible. Especially at a time when the food system has globalized. The effects of climate change, industrial agriculture, as well as colonialism and resource depletion are all seen in the supermarket. Often hidden behind shiny advertisements. 

By: Studio Nonhuman Nonsense