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AI innovation Session for Medtech

Be inspired by new insights, new applications and proven success stories about AI in future healthcare. Learn from how other companies are implementing AI. Get inspired by use cases and dare to embark on the journey towards AI adaptation.



Date: Monday December 6, 2021
Time: 4 – 6 pm
Locaion: High Tech Campus

15:30 Walk-in              Ai innovation center, building 5, High Tech Campus
16:00 Use case 1          Gimix, Personalised drug delivery and diagnostics - Martijn van Grieken
16:30 Use case 2          Demcon: Applied machine learning in system engineering - David Rijlaarsdam
17:00 Medtech Startup Pitches
17:10 Round table
17:30 Networking

Please note: this is a live-only event, there will not be a livestream

This event is part of the ‘AI innovation Sessions for MedTech’ series. Events to follow next year:

  • From Data to Intelligence
  • From Inspiration to Action
  • Matchmaking Finale

About the program

Use case 1: The LiGalli MedRing: Personalised drug delivery and diagnostics

In this session, Gimix will present the LiGalli MedRing project. With the MedRing, LiGalli is on a mission to revolutionize women's health care. They aspire to significantly enhance the quality of life and care for women by empowering patients and healthcare professionals with intelligent drug delivery and diagnostics. With the help of Gimix and other partners, LiGalli is developing a unique platform in the field of smart therapies that has the potential to transform the way women are treated, monitored, and diagnosed. The platform can capture drug and diagnostic data and leverage the data to provide unprecedented insights and deliver more personalized patient

Speaker: Martijn van Grieken - Data Science Director at Gimix 

Use case 2: Applied machine learning in system engineering

In this session, David Rijlaarsdam will dive into no less than three use cases that his team at Demcon has been working on:

  1. Automatically detect and classify different types of patient-ventilator asynchrony based on available ventilator wave fronts
  2. Real time, reliable estimation of respiratory activity from sEMG measurements
  3. Design a controller to reduce spikes in flow by a pump used for eye surgery

You'll learn about how different AI techniques have enabled significant improvements in respiratory technology and medical pump control.

Speaker: David Rijlaarsdam - Business Unit Manager Artificial Intelligence at Demcon