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Digital Infrastructure for Future-Proof Mobility (DITM)

Within the project, the partners are developing a system architecture for digital infrastructure, including the critical core technologies associated with localization, traffic services, digital maps, and charging infrastructure. This is the basis for: 

  • enabling higher levels of autonomous driving. 
  • a cyber secure and reliable interconnection of electric vehicles and the management of energy infrastructure. 

The Netherlands: an ideal environment for pilots and leading country

The consortium provides an integrated approach in which developments from the (international) automotive industry, ICT industry, traffic management, and mobility innovation come together. An approach that further strengthens the existing position of the Netherlands in the field of (digital) infrastructure and uses it to show, especially in a country like the Netherlands,  how Cooperative, Connected and Mobility Systems (CCAM) can work: safe, effective, cyber-secure, scalable, and brand-independent.

“DITM will enable the Netherlands to make mobility more efficient and safer on a national level, create a stronger export position for Dutch technology and influence international standards.”

Ana Alanis, project leader DITM

“NXP’s ‘Vision zero’ goal is safe, secure mobility with zero accidents on the road. On the way towards full autonomous vehicles, we develop the underlying technologies for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) which provide the safe and increasingly autonomous experiences that will reshape our relationship to transport.”

Brian de Bart, NXP

Innovations in this project

Under the leadership of Brainport Development, the project partners are working concretely to develop:

  • Autonomous functions related to connectivity, localization, and navigation of different vehicle platforms (bus, passenger car) in different use cases: a.o. yard maneuvering, lane navigation, automatic approach and stopping at bus stops, and platooning (Leader: VDL ETS).
  • An “energy exchange system” (EnergyPod) as a crucial link between autonomous electric vehicles (EVs) and the electricity grid, offering energy to grid operators in a cyber secure and reliable way. (Leader: Heliox)
  • An innovative map production system that produces and updates maps based on continuous sensor observations of the road infrastructure and the increasing number of 'smart' vehicles on the road. This is compared to the use of a current fleet of Mobile Mapping vehicles which are insufficiently scalable and up-to-date to enable autonomous driving. (Leader: TomTom)
  • A Validation Lab  consisting of a virtual simulation and a physical test environment (including test road A270, FABULOS route, and intelligent intersections). This is to validate both technology development and macro-scale simulations for improved substantiation of (future) system choices around mobility design issues and investment decisions (Leader: TNO)


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