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In technologieregio Brainport Eindhoven werken we als denkers en als doeners slim samen. De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos binnen Brainport. Ontdek, leer en groei.

Wat is Brainport Eindhoven?

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Brainport Eindhoven voor jou

Of je hier nu studeert, werkt of onderneemt; Brainport biedt eindeloos veel kansen om te groeien. Jouw succes wordt hierin bepaald door de manier waarop je jouw uitdagingen overwint. Voor ondersteuning kun je hiervoor op verschillende plekken binnen Brainport terecht. Om je kennis te verbreden, nieuwe inzichten op te doen of om gewoon een antwoord op je vraag te krijgen.




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From the 6th until the 10th of January Games for Health organizes a special GameJam. This week we will create games that will help scientists to find a vaccine against lymphoma.

We need your supertalent to get the best ideas on the table. We all know one superhero can only do so much. However, superheroes can achieve more when their powers collide. It will be a week full of impact. Filled with positive energy, fun and a career / network boost.

Is that all? Definitely not. To help you get through this week we bring you:

  • Superhero colleagues
  • Creative masterminds who support you and your team
  • The best massages in the world
  • Super healthy boosts throughout the day
  • Food. All day. Dinner included
  • A special beer tasting event
  • Lovely dog Bear for playful interventions, cuddles and comfort
  • Tissues to dry your tears in case of frustrations or panic attacks
  • Last but not least: post-its.

What are you waiting for? Sign up HERE!

What to expect during this week:
Monday the 6th of January we start with a registration at 9:30. Followed by an UNMASK kick-off Jamming at 10:00 AM. One of the super scientists will present the lymphoma research and explains why it is so important to find this vaccine against lymphoma. The first day ends with presenting paper-prototypes while enjoying drinks and food.  

Every other day of the week we will start around 9:00 o’clock.

We end this special week on Friday, where all groups present the outcomes to the whole world. This special moment is a great cause for celebration. That is why we invited professionals from different fields to inspire them and join us in learning more about the prototypes we built during the week.