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In technologieregio Brainport Eindhoven werken we als denkers en als doeners slim samen. De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos binnen Brainport. Ontdek, leer en groei.

Wat is Brainport Eindhoven?

De innovatiekracht van Brainport

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Brainport Development

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Brainport Eindhoven voor jou

Of je hier nu studeert, werkt of onderneemt; Brainport biedt eindeloos veel kansen om te groeien. Jouw succes wordt hierin bepaald door de manier waarop je jouw uitdagingen overwint. Voor ondersteuning kun je hiervoor op verschillende plekken binnen Brainport terecht. Om je kennis te verbreden, nieuwe inzichten op te doen of om gewoon een antwoord op je vraag te krijgen.




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Join us for XL Day January 15

We miss the energy of XL Day at the High Tech Campus Conference Center. The teams are always excited to go on stage and present their business propositions and the progress they've made to reach this phase of our nine-month venture building program

While the energy is different from an in-person event, we're now pros at holding virtual events like FasTrackathon and XL Day.

The show must go on

Virtual XL Day is set for January 15 from 13:00-15:00.

Six deep-tech ventures and one established startup will present their business propositions to an online global audience of investors, corporate partners and community stakeholders.

Teams presenting on XL Day

Hica Solutions helps stroke patients regain independence through immersive gamified rehab using a hand controller with force feedback. 

Udentity: Using ground-breaking TNO sensor technology, Udentity is building a secure, privacy-friendly device that can seamlessly authenticate a person's identity for any physical or online activity.   

Infitiv is developing a solution for early detection and monitoring of spoilage and quality loss at agricultural food warehouses using novel terahertz technology.

Bayes Vision supports construction companies in the maintenance and inspection process with an intelligent camera.

Viffera fosters an ecosystem of ultimate security and unmatched simplicity enabling limitless productivity for organizations and employees alike. Viffera provides continuous user authentication and liveliness verification using next-gen, multi-modal security markers retrieved from optimally positioned sensors that leverage people’s habits while using the most common work devices.

PPulse improves the safety and diagnostic efficacy of precision medical imagery by providing fully programmable rapid switching and high voltage power conditioners for medical X-ray imagery equipment.

Veridis' quality control device revolutionizes plastic recycling. Veridis is the only established startup in this venture building cohort. 

Please join us as we celebrate the achievements these ventures have made despite challenging circumstances.

Give them your attention. Listen to their pitches. Applaud their tenacity as they form companies that tackle societal challenges we face today. And invest in them.

Register for the event today, and we will forward the Microsoft Teams meeting link before the event.


  • Mute your mic during the event.

  • Do not turn on your camera during the event.

  • No Q&A during the event.

Email us if you would like to get in touch with a team after XL Day: info@hightechxl.com


Register for XL Day here