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start of the tour

Blog 1 | Studentteam TU/ecomotive



After months of preparation, the time has come on Aug. 17 when we will tour Europe with our car "Eterna. We will leave with a group of 20 students. The tour will take place from Aug. 17 to Sept. 16, so it will take about a month. Why are we going on tour? We want to inspire the auto industry with our car and our concept. We want to show that we have created a concept where cars can last much longer. We hope that with this we can inspire other companies to work with the same thinking in the future.

We chose to tour Europe because a large part of the automotive industry is located here. Germany alone is home to countless manufacturers.  


The route is very varied. We will of course visit a lot of auto industry, but we will also visit a lot of other locations. In terms of car manufacturers, we will visit Ford and Ferrari. For many of our team, the visit to Ferrari will be the highlight of the tour. We feel honored that a company like Ferrari is interested in talking to us. In addition to major manufacturers, we will also visit smaller companies/initiatives operating in the automotive world.

We will start the tour in Amsterdam, at Nemo (science museum for children). Here we will also hold our press moment.

In Munich we will visit a huge mobility fair, it is the world's largest and most important mobility fair.

Currently we are in talks with the yacht club in Monaco. It would be very interesting to build a bridge between the automotive world and the maritime sector in terms of sustainability.

Electric driving

We will be driving the tour in six Tesla's. It was a goal of ours to drive tour electric. We expect that there will be more and more electric vehicles on the road in the future. In addition, Eterna is an electric car.

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