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Tour expectations and goals

Blog 2 | Student team TU/ecomotive

For this tour, we set goals and each of us has our own expectations. A month of showing Eterna, our sustainable car, to the whole of Europe involves a lot. Here is a review of the first week and a look ahead to the rest of the tour.For this tour, of course, we have set goals and each of us has our own expectations. Showing Eterna, our sustainable car, to all of Europe for a month involves a lot. Here is a review of the first week and a look ahead to the rest of the tour.

The goal

The vision we have as TU/ecomotive is: "To create a future where climate-positive mobility is accessible to all." To achieve this, "inspire" is one of our main pillars. And that is therefore directly one of the main goals of the tour: to inspire people. And by people we mean everyone, not just car companies and technicians, but also tourists walking past our 'stand' and children who think the car looks cool. That's also why we started the tour at Nemo, the science museum in Amsterdam. We wanted to show young and old alike what we have achieved and what our vision and mission are. We started the day at the entrance to Nemo and later in the day were allowed to start the chain reaction, which is typical of Nemo. In the afternoon, we managed to reach the general public by talking to the press and conducting interviews

To inspire the youngest generation as well, our second stop was an after-school club in Landgraaf. Although we obviously couldn't go in-depth on our concept, it was still a very fun experience. The children got to design their own car. Another important goal is to engage with the car industry. This is because we believe that if a student team can realise a more sustainable concept within one year, the car industry should definitely be able to do so. Last week, we visited e.Volution; an emerging car company that also produces modular, electric cars. We will also talk to established car companies, including Ferrari. We also have a stand at the IAA, Europe's largest mobility trade fair.

The expectations

We have been on tour for over a week now. We started with some great expectations. As already mentioned in our goal, we mainly expect to inspire many people with Eterna. Among other things, we hope to do this with the sustainable concept of the car. We have calculated that if Eterna's concept is applied on a European scale, we could save about a third of emissions. That's significant. We also want to inspire with Eterna's striking, sporty appearance. The design is inspired by nature and thus fits well with the ambition for sustainable mobility. We expect to make a real impact with Eterna next month, even if it is only our modest contribution to the bigger picture of a sustainable world.

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