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Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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Together we're fans with Ronald!

In 'We are fans together' we speak to PSV supporters from the entire Brainport Region and ask them about what it means to be a fan of PSV and the region.


The Brainport region is growing fast. We live and work together with more and more people from all corners of the world. This creates enormous diversity and living together does not always come naturally. The partnership Brainport Eindhoven & PSV re-released the song '7 days long' by BOTS with La Fuente and Eindhoven's Finest. The PSV players therefore showed up in unique shirts with gold stripes and a Spotify code. Because here we work, fight and celebrate together. We speak to winners who received these unique, signed shirts.

Ronald, a proud resident of Veldhoven, doesn't have to go anywhere else. He was born and raised there and now lives in a beautiful courtyard between Waalre, Veldhoven and ASML. He enjoys working for the expert in the field of outdoor security, as Manager Service Netherlands. According to the self-proclaimed Burgundian, life is mainly about enjoying time with family and friends.

What do you have with PSV?
I'm a real fan, yes. For example, I watch all the matches. I used to play football myself until I was about 13. After that, I also found other things increasingly important. But now I am a trainer at my son's (8) football club. This also made my red-white heart beat faster again.

Are you a proud resident of Veldhoven?
Pride may be a strong word, but I really enjoy living here. My friends and my family live here. We can also go everywhere with the children by bike, everything is close by. I'm also impressed with how we're doing things here. So maybe I'm proud after all.

How do you view the Brainport region?
I find it interesting how this is all organised. This region is attracting more and more companies. And I really see PSV as a common thread through all that. We also put ourselves on the map nationally and internationally. So I am proud of the region and of ASML, which plays a major role in it. Fantastic to see.

Of course, there are also points that deserve attention, such as language integration. Because there are of course many expats in Veldhoven. Traffic can also be very busy, and with a view to the future and expected growth, this requires attention to continue to enjoy optimal living pleasure.

What do you think of Brainport Eindhoven's '7 days long' campaign?
Sports connects. So sport in that sense is always a way to unite and bring people together.  I also like this campaign, but it is one of the many initiatives needed to truly unite the region.

The first time I saw the 7 Days Long campaign I thought 'nice how they linked that with music'. And La Fuente is really a phenomenon. We should indeed celebrate our successes more often!

I sometimes think that at work too. We are always working hard to achieve our objectives. But it's about the right people in the right place. Working should be fun, because it takes a lot of free time.

Thank you for your beautiful story Ronald! Have fun with the unique shirt!