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SALDtech announces rebranding, changing its name.

SALDtech has unveiled a new name, new logo, and new products as part of an extensive rebranding initiative.

Eindhoven, June 1st, 2022 - SALDtech B.V., supplier of lab-to-fab Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition equipment, has completed an extensive rebranding in response to the new focus on the company’s business, a renewal of its corporate vision and growth of the company. At the heart of this rebranding: a new company name - SparkNano, a new corporate logo and a new website. All launched as of June 1st, 2022.

SALDtech was originally founded in 2018, focusing on Spatial ALD equipment for the OLED display market. Since then, global-scale challenges like a pandemic and the looming effects of climate change have changed the world in unprecedented ways. The past years have made clear there is an urgent need for innovative technology to generate, store and convert energy in ways that are sustainable, carbon-neutral, low-cost, and accessible to all.

Urgent need for innovative technology

The urgent need for new innovative solutions inspired SparkNano (formerly SALDtech) to find new applications where its unique and disruptive technology enables its customers to develop better, cheaper, and higher-performing materials for sustainable energy applications such as electrolysers for green hydrogen production, fuel cells, batteries, and solar cells. SparkNano’s unique and patented technology makes it possible to significantly reduce the use of scarce materials such as iridium and platinum in electrolysis as well as to increase the performance and stability of next generation batteries and solar cells. Huib Heezen, CEO of SparkNano: “At SparkNano, we strongly believe that our Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition solutions can support the quest for a sustainable energy future. That this belief is shared by our customers is clear by the rapidly growing commercial traction. Together with our customers, partners, and investors we are determined and eager to make our new direction a great success.“


revolution for a sustainable future With this shift in focus come a new name and a new product range. SparkNano provides state-ofthe-art lab and fab equipment, consisting of a LabLine, and two fab series: Vellum and Omega. This equipment enables customers, to develop and mass-produce the next generation energy devices that are in dire need. SparkNano’s products will also continue to be used for applications such as OLEDs, flexible electronics, MEMs, and many other applications. Spatial ALD is truly the spark that ignites a new nanotechnology revolution for a sustainable energy future!

About SparkNano

SparkNano develops and supplies Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition equipment for energy, OLED and related applications. SparkNano was first founded under the name SALDtech in 2018 as a spin-off of TNO (the Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research). The product range of SparkNano enables its customers to seamlessly scale from lab-to-fab. In addition to its high-quality products portfolio, SparkNano’s experienced team is available for process design and optimization, application support and yield and performance management. SparkNano is located in the Brainport ecosystem in Eindhoven.

To learn more, please visit or contact us via