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IME Medical Electrospinning secured € 3 million in new financing from Dutch VCs Borski Fund, Lumana Invest, TIIN Capital and from Rabobank to further expand its Medispin XL production platform

MediSpin XL high-volume industrial electrospinning platform for both medical devices and new drug delivery applications.

MediSpin XL high-volume industrial electrospinning platform for both medical devices and new drug delivery applications.

IME Medical Electrospinning, a global leader in electrospun medical devices and regenerative medicine, today announced it has successfully raised €3 million in equity financing and debt from existing shareholder TIIN Capital, new investors Borski Fund and Lumana Invest, and from Rabobank Region Eindhoven.    

In 2019 IME launched the MediSpin XL production platform for large-scale industrial manufacturing of reproducible and scalable electrospun nanofiber-based scaffolds for Class I, II and III medical devices, marking a global breakthrough in the controlled large-scale production of batch-consistent, high-quality end-products in volume. To be able to manage the electrospinning control parameters unlocks its full potential for industrial medical applications.  

MediSpin XL creates nanometer solutions that mimic the natural extracellular matrix in the human body. Human cells recognize and infiltrate these scaffolds, encouraging quick and efficient tissue integration, resulting in natural tissue restoration while minimizing medical complications.  

The vast array of innovative applications include fully bioresorbable stents, heart valves, nanofibrous meshes and many other new devices for a.o. local drug delivery, implantables and tissue engineering.  

Judith Heikoop, Managing Director of IME Medical Electrospinning, says: “The additional financing and support of new shareholders Borski Fund, Lumana Invest and existing shareholder TIIN Capital will enable us to further strengthen our MediSpin XL electropinning platform and industrial production capabilities for medical devices and drug delivery applications. Combining our state of the art production platform with our broadened focus, underpins our strong belief in the strategic goal of becoming the leader in large-scale production of both medical devices and drug delivery solutions. Now we can jointly develop other breakthrough medical solutions with our pharma partners and expand our operations. The support of both our existing and new investors fills me with pride and shows that they recognize the large value-adding component of our gamechanging capabilities.” 

Ramon Solberg, Founder and together with Judith Heikoop, Managing Director of IME Medical Electrospinning, adds: “This new successful financing round enables us to further capitalize on our scientific and technical findings over the past decade, growing our product portfolio from regenerative medtech solutions to the even broader and promising global market for targeted drug delivery solutions.”