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Discover the potential of AI in MedTech

Summary of AI innovation Sessions: Medtech – 25th of January


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rising topic and more and more implemented in the technology of companies. AI can help man and machine jointly deliver performances neither would have been capable of separately. However, there are still a lot of barriers for companies to really implement AI. In collaboration with Brainport Development, the AI Innovation Center hosts the ‘AI Innovation sessions: Medtech’. The aim of these sessions is to inspire companies, in the Med-Tech industry, on how to implement AI in four sessions.

On the 25th of January the first session took place, covering the topic: ‘Discover the potential of AI’. During the event, Martijn van Grieken – Gimix, Koen Bonenkamp – Autoscriber, David Rijlaarsdam & Bas Vet – DEMCON and Marlou Gielen – FruitPunch AI for Health spoke about their experiences and each showed AI user cases. Hence, it came clear that AI can be implemented in multiple ways. Think about disease detection, improving the performance of existing technology, supporting medical decisions and much more.
In the end, a panel discussion was held, where interesting questions arose. AI is relevant, but how do you introduce it to your company? What are the focus points? What is the main barrier?

It’s all about data

One thing became clear very quickly: data is for sure the most important asset.
For example, Martijn told that the whole process of AI is the biggest obstacle. Decisions about which model you use, how you gather your data and how to make your data trustworthy without biasing, all influences this process. It needs to be very well managed, cause also topics like ethics and privacy play a role. “Be thorough!”

AI can improve a lot, but is not necessarily the solution for everything. So speak to persons about AI, don’t be afraid to reach out and “Do not be afraid to try it out” told David. In addition, Marlou said that developing your knowledge in a safe environment is really important to keep inspiring yourself.
Koen even advised to take a course about how neural networks work: “If you understand the basics, you can even better understand the applied cases.”

The technology behind the AI ​​applications are not that exciting. What makes it complex is the entire process and getting all stakeholders involved. Therefor Brainport Development can play a facilitating and connecting role.

Overall, communication and knowledge is key. Keep developing talent and include all stakeholders to get on track. Get in touch with data scientists, physicians, hospitals to see where your company can make the difference.

Do you want to attend the other AI innovation sessions and be inspired by new insights, new applications and proven success stories about AI in future healthcare? Save the dates for the following events:

  • From Data to Intelligence: March 8th, 2022
    • With Kees van der Klauw –  Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center and Jeroen de Mast – JADS
  • From Inspiration to Action: April 12th, 2022
  • Matchmaking Finale: June 7th, 2022
    Between AI Developers and the MedTech community

Were you unable to attend, but would you like to see the session?

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