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What great changes can we await in respect of employment?

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The technologies invented during the fourth industrial revolution will hugely affect the labor market. The emergence of technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, connectivity, 3D printing, blockchain and bio- and nanotechnology will make old jobs redundant. On the other hand, these new technologies will create new sectors, assignments and jobs, which we do not yet know today.

The fourth industrial revolution 

New technologies will change the era radically, like the steam engine, electricity, computer and internet did. The fast emergence of these technologies and the various ways in which they can be used, will bring about innovations that will change the economy and our society at large. Companies need to be flexible and able to adapt to respond to that change. And so should you, as employee. The labor market will change dramatically. To be able to respond to that changing market, you will need to continuously develop yourself.

Robots take over jobs

An increasing amount of machines is able to perfectly imitate human actions. Leading to the replacement of administrative work by a simple calculation program. When you add multiple algorithms to a machine, it can take over a lot of human work in the end. Robots, industrial or human, will take over more and more repetitive human tasks.

The tasks in a distribution center for example, will be fully automated and robotized, making the lift truck operator redundant. An entrepreneur that fails to respond to the changes in the economy will not be able to survive. Nor will any employee. We need to embrace technology to be able to carry out our duties more quickly and work more efficiently. These future changes will require an HR vision and the development of business sectors and all employees involved. Because employees will always be needed, despite the changes in the labor market. Although they will probably have a different job than the one they are carrying out today.

Old jobs are replaced by new ones

The job market will not collapse, but it will change. Some jobs will no longer exist in the future. Meanwhile many new jobs will be created. During every industrial revolution more jobs were created than before. The available jobs are only different and require new competences and skills. Data literacy being the most essential competency to master as employee.

Data literacy is essential  

One of the most important skills to have as a (future) employee is the ability to read, interpret and use data to retrieve the right information or to ask questions. This is called data literacy and it is essential to (future) economies and organizations. They need these three separate skills to continuously respond to society. To be able to do that, study programs must be developed that contribute to individual levels of data literacy and to the economy and society at large. Do you want to know how data literate you are? Complete the scan on TogetherFutureProof!