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Learn & Work

Whether you are learning, studying or working, Brainport Eindhoven offers limitless opportunities for growth. Your success depends on the way you overcome your challenges. Please contact Brainport if you need any support. We will help you gain more knowledge and new perspectives or we will just answer your questions.

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AI applications

In the high-tech manufacturing industry

We, jointly with all partners in the AI-hub Brainport, are fully committed to developing and accelerating AI competences. Progress with respect to AI innovations developed by companies and public authorities has been rather slow. We want to accelerate that progress by focusing on medical technology, smart mobility and the application of AI in high-tech industry. And by training specialists, students and employees at all levels. After all, AI impacts us all.


Beautifying the world with mathematics and creativity

An interview with founder Jeroen de Haas

Taming the AI Devil

Not AI but domain specific knowledge is what sets you apart from the rest

Carefree diagnostics

‘Carefree’ diagnostics prevent machine downtime

Machine manufacturer AAE

Machine manufacturer AAE: "The future lies in data".

Vencomatic Group

Vencomatic Group uses AI for sustainable poultry farming and healthy animals

AI Webinar

Arnaud Hubaux, senior technical program manager AI at ASML, recently gave an inspiring lecture during the AI Leadership Forum at High Tech Campus Eindhoven organized by the AI Innovation Centre. His most important lesson learned: AI in itself is not a Unique Selling Point, but rather a commodity. By defining use cases and applying AI in a smart way, your company will stand out from the rest.


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