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The main objective of the Green Transport Delta (GTD-H) project is to develop three hydrogen technologies: hydrogen combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cells, and a next-generation hydrogen refuelling infrastructure technology. 


These three main developments in this project are related to cross-sectoral mobility applications for the automotive, marine, and non-road mobile machinery sectors, and the resulting technical requirements of the products from the end-user's perspective. The project also takes into account legislation and regulations and other market-specific factors. With this, the consortium partners aim to accelerate and improve the transition to sustainable mobility and to strengthen their (international) competitive position on the market for sustainable mobility applications and power units.


"Together, we can ensure that we remain good at what we are already good at as the Netherlands: the production of heavy transport. We are now going to make that sector greener. We see hydrogen as one of the most important solutions for sustainable long-distance road transport."

Freek de Bruijn, projectleader RAI Automotive Industry NL

Impact on sustainability and digitalisation

Through the cross-sectoral and innovative value chain in the field of hydrogen, the consortium partners aim to make a major step towards maintaining and increasing the Dutch competitive position in the field of hydrogen. With the envisioned technologies (hydrogen combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure) they will contribute majorly to making the mobility sector more sustainable. In addition, this consortium contributes to the strengthening of the ecosystem for research and innovation in the Netherlands, as evidenced by the cooperation between various large companies, SMEs, and knowledge institutions. By building up a strong competitive position, the consortium partners can keep the production of the technologies that are still to be developed, in the Netherlands in the long term and reduce the dependence on foreign suppliers.

Innovations in this project

Under leadership of DAF Nederland, the project partners will work concretely on development of:

  • The development of a flexible hydrogen injection system for the conversion of existing natural gas/diesel engines to hydrogen combustion engines for both the automotive and marine sectors;
  • The development of hydrogen combustion engines for trucks, barges, and mobile power units;
  • The development of a modular SOFC fuel cell system and a completed study of dynamic loading of PEMFC fuel cells in relation to degradation limits;
  • The development of flowmeters and calibration technologies for the further development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.


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Programme Office for Green & Smart Mobility

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Green Transport Delta – Elektrificatie

Dit project heeft als doel het ontwikkelen van een sterk batterij-ecosysteem in Nederland en hiermee versneld de transitie naar klimaatneutrale mobiliteit te realiseren.

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Battery Competence Cluster - NL

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