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Green Transport Delta - Electrification

The project Green Transport Delta - Electrification (GTD-E) aims to develop a strong battery ecosystem in the Netherlands and thus accelerate the transition to climate-neutral mobility.


The Netherlands can play a leading role in the European battery chain

The gap in the market that Dutch companies can fill is the production of battery modules and packs for specific applications where the production chain is not yet organised globally. Examples are battery packs for buses, trucks, industrial vehicles/machines, planes and ships. The Netherlands has leading players in all these markets.


"By bringing parts of the battery production to the Netherlands, we strengthen the competitive position of market leaders like VDL, DAF and Damen Shipyards. We are also creating an environment in which promising start-ups like ELEO, Cleantron, Lionvolt and LeydenJar can scale up to become successful battery companies."

Geert van Seggelen, projectleader Brainport Development

Innovations in this project

Under the leadership of VDL Nedcar the GTD-E project partners work concretely on the development of

  • a flexible and scalable development and production environment for innovative battery modules and packages (lead: VDL Nedcar) 
  • an improved battery management system, in line with upcoming laws and regulations and application of a National Battery Passport (lead: NXP).
  • A modular, bi-directional 1 megawatt charger. Including integration with energy management systems and fleet planning based on variables such as charging demand, location, local energy production, energy costs, other large consumers and contractual agreements with energy suppliers (lead: Heliox). 
  • A certified container for safe battery storage and transport that meets both the transport requirements (ADR) and the latest storage requirements (PGS37).
  • A blueprint of a scalable battery recycling line suitable for processing End-of-Life (EoL) batteries.


Project partners


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Anna Paar

Project Manager Built Environment & Mobility

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